You can’t think of it on purpose: 10 curious cases in travel

Do you think sunstroke or fracture is all that can happen to a tourist abroad? No matter how it is! We have compiled a rating of the strangest applications that have been registered by insurance companies from different countries. Life has hardly prepared the heroes of today’s publication for this.

“Lucky” who received compensation from insurance companies:

  1. In Sri Lanka, a woman was hospitalized with a head injury – a coconut landed in a hammock where she was resting. Insurance statistics confirm that more people suffer from coconuts every year than from sharks and crocodiles.
  2. In Athens, a young Briton, staring at girls in swimsuits, crashed into a bus stop and broke his nose.
  3. A group of tourists who went on a safari in one of the African countries found themselves at the epicenter of a giraffe brawl. Fortunately, only the car suffered – there were dents on it.
  4. In Israel, a man who dropped his wallet down the drain tried to get it back. The rescue operation failed – the scorpion, which stung the traveler, interfered. The insurer compensated not only the costs of treatment, but also the contents of the lost wallet.
  5. Dream wedding in the Caribbean almost ended in tragedy – the bride came too close to the fire, and her dress caught fire. The groom was not taken aback, grabbed the girl and plunged into the ocean, thanks to which there were no human casualties. Only the outfit was damaged, the cost of which was reimbursed by the insurance company.

And these people were less fortunate:

It might seem to you that an insurance policy is the key to success in any case, even if the claim is absurd. This is not true. The heroes of the following five stories heard in response: “Not an insured event” and, accordingly, did not receive compensation.

  1. In Antalya, instead of a 3 * hotel with half board, a tourist was accommodated in a 4 *, where “all inclusive”. Do you think the lady was delighted? No – she demanded compensation for moral damage! During her vacation, she gained extra weight, which is why (in her opinion) her husband filed for divorce.
  2. Somewhere in the forests of Wales, a paratrooper landed on the couple’s tent. The destroyed equipment had to be restored at their own expense – the policy bought by tourists did not cover such cases.
  3. There was little snow! On this basis, the woman demanded to compensate for the costs of new skis, which she bought on the eve of the trip to the Alps – they were practically not used and the money was wasted.
  4. While vacationing in West Africa, a tourist suffered a heart attack while having sex with a prostitute. The unlucky lover craved compensation as his date was interrupted due to health problems. The employees of the insurance company turned out to be callous and completely unromantic – they refused.
  5. The lovers were not lucky – they had to share a room in a Paris hotel with bedbugs. Returning home, the guys decided to burn all the clothes they took on the trip just in case. They planned to buy a new one with the money received from the insurance, but they did not wait for compensation.

What Ukrainians most often encounter on vacation

The TOP-5 reasons for our compatriots to ask for help during their vacation looks like this (according to statistics from the ARX insurance company):

  1. Respiratory tract diseases.
  2. Injuries, poisoning and other conditions caused by external factors.
  3. Diseases of the digestive system.
  4. Diseases of the genitourinary system.
  5. ENT diseases.
Holidays in Spain

And now the most interesting statistic is financial. For those who still doubt whether insurance is needed.

A policy with a coverage of € 30,000 costs from 145 hryvnia (about € 5) per week, while treatment costs several times more. Here are some real-world examples:

  • Nepal, altitude sickness – 188,978 hryvnia (over € 6,000).
  • Indonesia, fractures and abrasions as a result of falling from a scooter – 307,000 hryvnia (about € 10,000).
  • Indonesia, multiple injuries due to a collision with a surfer – 120,000 hryvnia (almost € 4,000).
  • Germany, an operation for oncopathology accidentally discovered during the removal of appendicitis – 480,000 hryvnia (about € 16,000).

There is a policy – the insurer pays, no – the victim and his relatives will have to look for money. Therefore, we wish you that you have an insurance policy, but that it will never be useful to you!


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