Wizz Air may return to Lviv

Representatives of the well-known low-cost company said that there is a possibility that flights from Lviv will return to the market.

Erlend Karlsen

The source of such pleasant news for Ukrainian travelers was the head of the airline, Jozsef Varadi. At a recent press conference in Budapest, he told reporters that the decision to return the company to Lviv would be made within the next two months.

“Yes, we would like to fly from Lviv,” he noted, but also added that the restoration of flights depends on a large number of factors. Nevertheless, the company was extremely pleased with the financial performance of the Lviv market.

He also noted that he is personally interested in the company not ending its existence in Ukraine. “I myself have put a lot of effort into the development of Wizz Air Ukraine, and I hate the thought that it will no longer work,” Varadi said.

As a reminder, the decision to terminate the operation of the Ukrainian subsidiary airline was announced on April 20. According to its representatives, it was dictated by the problems that have arisen with the conversion of income from the hryvnia into the currency that pays for the costs of the air carrier. Nevertheless, it was announced several times that the decision was not finalized. Wizz Air is actively working and negotiating on possible ways to resolve the current situation.

So far, we only know that the company has resumed several low-cost flights from Ukraine. All employees of the former Ukrainian representative office were transferred to subsidiaries in other countries, and the future of Wizz Air Ukraine today largely depends on the ability of the parent company to maintain the current status of the Ukrainian license.

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