Why do you need to raise the window shades during takeoff and landing?

Every time during take-off and landing, we obediently raise the window shades when requested by the aircraft crew. But even seasoned travelers do not always know why passengers are told to do this. In general, we tell you.

The fact is that opening the window shade is an important part of the preparation process for possible emergencies. The roller shutters are raised during takeoff and landing, because it is at these stages, according to statistics, that most accidents happen.

So what do raised curtains do?

  • In the event of an emergency, the second is significant. If the curtains are raised, the crew will see what is happening overboard and will be able to quickly make the most correct decision about the evacuation.
  • Passengers looking out the windows may be the first to notice that something is amiss. If they instantly inform the crew about the strange situation overboard, everyone will have a much better chance of escape.

  • When the curtains are raised, during the day, people’s eyes adapt to natural light. Therefore, during evacuation, there will be no spontaneous change in the light conditions in the cabin, which in turn will allow passengers to avoid temporary shock. At night, the curtains are also opened, and the lighting on the plane is dimmed.
  • If the curtains are raised, the rescue services will see what is happening inside and will be able to quickly and competently plan the evacuation process.
  • Moreover, the raised curtain minimizes possible injury in the event of an accident. The plastic curtain can break into fragments and cause damage.