Why do the pilot and co-pilot eat different foods?

Pilots are responsible for the lives of a huge number of people, so it is not surprising that special requirements are put forward for the captains of airliners. In particular, regarding food on board.

So, the first and second pilots are served different dishes during the flights. Most airlines have introduced this rule in order to minimize the risk of food poisoning for both captains. If one becomes ill, the other will always be able to take control.

Since not all flights operate when food is served, airlines ask their pilots not to eat the same meals before flying or even eat in the same place.

The food rule became official following a force majeure on a Boston-Lisbon commercial flight in 1982. Then 10 crew members (including the pilot, co-pilot and aircraft engineer) were poisoned with tapioca pudding.

The crew became so bad that halfway through the plane they had to turn the plane and go back to Boston.

By the way, when one of the pilots goes to the toilet, a flight attendant takes his place. He sits down next to the person who is flying the plane in order to promptly call for help in case of unforeseen circumstances (for example, loss of consciousness of the pilot).


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