Review and comparison of the best island resorts. Maldives or Seychelles, Dominican Republic, Bali, Sri Lanka, Thailand – which is better to choose. Prices for tours, hotels and flights, comparison of beaches, things to do.

The less time is left before the vacation, the more often we are overcome by doubts. The Internet is replete with bright pictures with gorgeous landscapes, and in your dreams you are already walking along a snow-white beach, admiring the endless ocean. In fact, there are many heavenly places on earth. Another question – where is it better and more comfortable for you?


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The Maldives, lost in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, are known throughout the world. Here the wildest dreams come to life – before you manicured deserted beaches, bungalows covered with lush greenery, a transparent ocean and a special atmosphere of silence and tranquility.

The rest is arranged so that vacationers meet with neighbors only for a meal or during joint events. Local life takes place on the beaches, all entertainment is associated with the ocean. Almost every island has its own coral reef where marine inhabitants live. Favorite activities of tourists are snorkeling, diving, fishing, sea excursions to neighboring islands. On the shore – leisurely walks along picturesque paths, spa treatments, restaurant gatherings.

It will be cheaper to settle on a local island next to a local village. But remember that you are in a Muslim state where it is not customary to undress in public. Tourists have special bikini beaches.

The island resort is more expensive, especially if you book a villa on the water. It is enough to go down a couple of steps and you are already swimming in the warm ocean. A special chic – glass floors, through which you can admire the colorful underwater world.

A huge plus of a holiday in the Maldives in complete isolation from the outside world. Along with shoes, you leave your problems at the entrance and plunge into the harmonious world of nature.


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Maldives or Seychelles? Let’s begin with that the dry and wet seasons on the islands occur at different times… The dry season in the Maldives lasts from November to April, in the Seychelles from May to November. This does not mean completely abandoning travel during the rainy season. Precipitation ends within an hour, and a warm wind blows pleasantly. The air temperature is kept around 28 °.

The Seychelles are part of a large archipelago, so there are more beaches here. But many of them are not suitable for swimming either because of the violent waves, or because of the rocky and dangerous descent to the water. But tourists can enter the territory of any hotel for free and use the local beach.

In the Maldives, instead of wild, picturesque cliffs, an endless ocean opens up to the view, and long sandy spits go far into the water. The resorts are designed for a relaxing, secluded getaway. Newlyweds love to come here to spend a romantic honeymoon.

Seychelles will appeal to active tourists. Transport links are better developed here, excursions are more varied, and the capital of Mahe is a large city with temples, art galleries, and casinos.

Seychelles or Maldives – which is better? A Maldivian vacation offers the quiet life of an islander in ideal conditions. The Seychelles has more opportunities to travel around the country. You can save money if you live in a modest bungalow and cook your own food.

Dominican Republic

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Maldives or Dominican Republic? The climate in the Dominican Republic is hotter and wetter, especially from May to October when the rainy season is at its height.

In the Maldives, seasonality is not so pronounced, the weather is even, and precipitation is short-lived. The choice of excursions is small: islands, atolls, fishing. The capital Male is a tiny town occupying 6 sq. km, where you will be shown the National Museum, the Presidential Palace and several Islamic shrines. The main beauty is hidden under water. These are coral reefs and their inhabitants. You can watch the life of the underwater world for hours, and on the shore you will find luxurious service and a quiet romantic vacation.

Dominican hotels occupy vast territories, where guests are offered a lot of entertainment: restaurants, casinos, swimming pools, night discos. Music, dancing, rum and cigars, noisy fun will accompany you everywhere. There is something to see in the capital. Santa Domingo is a large modern city with preserved monuments from the Middle Ages. There are many natural attractions: reserves, caves, waterfalls and lakes. You can go for an SUV ride, diving, rafting, or fishing.

Holidays in the Maldives are much more expensive… All entertainment is related to water. The hotels have kid’s clubs and spa treatments. Alcohol is discouraged. Outside the resort area, it is not sold, and the hotel prices are sky-high.

What’s better? A measured, relaxing holiday in the Maldives will appeal to families with children, retirees and couples in love. For tourists who are in the mood for fun, the Dominican Republic is better.


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Maldives or Bali? For an unspoiled tourist, rest in the most prestigious resorts of the planet seems like a fairy tale. What to choose if even the advertising images are overwhelming?

Let’s start with the beaches. Maldivian sand is soft and crumbly like flour. It is no coincidence that the first thing that guests are offered is to take off their shoes. The ocean is so transparent that underwater visibility is at least 40 meters. Colorful coral reefs are becoming a diving paradise.

Bali beaches are significantly inferior… The bottom is rocky, there is a lot of algae and marine debris in the water, high waves roll on the shore. For passive bathers, there are very few beaches with comfortable entry into the water and a safe bottom. Most of the beaches are suitable exclusively for surfing. The underwater world is no less interesting. There are Russian-language diving schools. Fishing lovers will not get bored either.

Bali’s nature is striking in its bright colors. You will not see such an abundance of exotic plants and vibrant flowers anywhere else in the world. Ancient Buddhist temples rise among the lush flowers. Connoisseurs of architecture will have something to see. You will get great pleasure watching the festive ceremonies, customs and traditions of the local population.

So which should you choose? In the Maldives, tired citizens will be able to detach from the outside world, but curious and active tourists will be bored. They’d better go to Bali.

Sri Lanka

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What is better for a traveler – the fabulous islands of Sri Lanka or the Maldives, the embodiment of paradise on earth? The landscape in the Maldives is monotonous but very beautiful. Don’t forget, this is where the best beaches in the world are. Cultural leisure is rather poor, the main emphasis is placed on comfort and high quality service.

In Sri Lanka, the variety of landscapes, Indian exoticism, natural and architectural monuments amazes even sophisticated tourists. Beach rest is noticeably inferior. Locals don’t bother too much about cleanliness. All beaches are public, with the exception of expensive hotels with a closed area, which have their own access to the sea. In the Maldives, even inexpensive hotels have their own fenced beach, which is carefully cleaned.

There is a category of tourists on whom beach idleness is boring. Even marine entertainment does not help. Then choose the island of Sri Lanka. The country is interesting for its history and culture. Ancient pagodas and temples give a special flavor. And wild animals can be observed in their natural environment. You don’t have to travel far to see elephants, monkeys, leopards, monitor lizards, bright parrots. Another argument in favor of Sri Lanka is affordable prices.

Which is better – Indian exotic or carefree relaxation? Resourceful tourists manage to combine both countries in one trip, because there is only 1.5 hour flight between the island of Sri Lanka and the Maldives. First, they gain impressions in the country of pagodas and elephants, and then relax on the snow-white Maldives beaches.


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Unlike the Maldives, which can be walked around in half an hour, you won’t have time to explore Thailand even in a month of vacation. National reserves, jungle, warm sea, zoos, rice plantations, Buddhist temples – you can go on and on. Here you can ride elephants, raft down the river, go to the village where women with the longest necks live.

Thailand does not have such luxurious beaches as in the Maldives, but the underwater world is not inferior in beauty and variety, and there is no less marine entertainment. Tourists can enjoy snorkeling, diving, great fishing plus a vibrant nightlife and luxurious excursions.

Thailand or Maldives? First, decide what is best for you – unbridled fun or lazy contemplation.

Please note that the Republic of Maldives is a Muslim country with strict rules. Local etiquette discourages explicit swimwear, alcohol and smoking. All this is on the territory of hotels, but outside the resort area the laws of Islam apply.

Buddhism is a very tolerant religion. Therefore, free morals reign in Thailand: alcohol flows like a river, restaurants beckon with lights, night bars deafen with loud music.

Summing up

The Maldives is suitable for wealthy romantics and couples in love. Lying on the whitest sand, listening to the gentle whispers of the ocean, swimming surrounded by colorful fish – isn’t that happiness?

If the Maldives is an ideal place for relaxation on the shores of the boundless ocean, then for mountain landscapes, exotic nature and outdoor activities, go to the Seychelles.

For youth companies, a measured vacation in the Maldives will seem boring. But in the Dominican Republic, bars and restaurants with live music, dancing until the morning, are inviting at every step, guests are treated to rum and cigars, and beach entertainment is perfectly combined with educational excursions.

Bali has ideal conditions for surfing and educational relaxation. Here, creative, active people feel great, who cannot last more than three days on the beaches.

Sri Lanka is fantastic nature, wildlife safaris, Indian philosophy and the attainment of spiritual harmony.

For parties, Asian exoticism and rich nature, it is better to go to Thailand.

Listen to yourself, your desires and take the first step towards making your dreams come true.