Planning a vacation abroad in autumn 2022, want to know what countries are open and where it is comfortable to rest at sea? Prepared for you information about the climatic conditions.

By the way, it is autumn vacation in many countries is considered the best. Here are a few reasons why it is so:

Where the summer high season, fall is much less crowded;
In countries where the fall velvet season, it is not so hot and it is possible to comfortably visit the excursions;
Harvests are ripe, there are a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables;
In tropical countries the rainy season ends, and before the high season, you can save a lot of money on tours.

This fall you have a pretty decent choice of destinations. You will find options for every taste and wallet.


Until mid-autumn in the resorts of Turkey is a truly summer weather. We can say that it is even more comfortable – not as hot. And the people at this time is much less, due to the lack of families with children, schoolchildren.

Since second half of October and up to the end of autumn it is possible to continue to bathe. True, not all days will be sunny, it starts to rain periodically. The average air temperature in Antalya in September is +31 ° C, water +26 ° C. In October, the air +27 ° C, water +24 ° C; in November, the air and water +21 ° C (which is considered a comfortable temperature for swimming).

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Turkey is interesting not only beach activities, but also interesting excursions. Autumn is more suitable than ever for walking and sightseeing. The history of old Antalya, the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, the ruins of ancient cities (we recommend a trip to Fazelis and Termessos) and natural monuments.


Autumn in Egypt is probably the best time of year. In September, the grueling summer heat subsides, but it’s still quite hot. October and November are the best months for a comfortable holiday. The air is about +30 ° C, water +27 ° C.

Keep in mind that in November the price for a vacation begins to grow. European resorts close their season, and many tourists in search of a comfortable beach holiday stop in Egypt.

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Fly to the sea in Tunisia is better in the first half of autumn. At this time there is a velvet season. The air temperature in September on average +30 ° C, the sea temperature +25 ° C.

From mid-October, precipitation increases and the sea becomes cooler. November for a beach holiday in Tunisia is better not to consider, the average air temperature drops to +20 ° C.

Resorts of Tunisia attract lovers of medical spa procedures. Many five-star hotels have spa complexes with thalassotherapy 🛀 (recovery by the gifts of the sea).


Velvet season in Cyprus is great to spend both in September and October. The air temperature during this period ranges from +30 ° C to +25 ° C. The water temperature is +24 ° C in September and +21 ° C in October. In November, the sea is already cool and the average air temperature is +21 ° C – for bathing is no longer comfortable.

Autumn in Cyprus is a great time to see the sights, of which there are many. If you want to be closer to the local antiquities – choose Pafos and Limassol. The nightlife lovers will prefer Ayia Napa. And for tourists with children we recommend Protaras with its quiet pace of life and wonderful beaches.


In early September in Abkhazia it can periodically rain and wind, after which the weather is comfortable for recreation. The velvet season in Abkhazia lasts until mid-October. The average September air temperature is 23°C and the water temperature is 26°C.

In the second half of October it is already uncomfortable to swim. In November it is quite cold, the average air temperature is +14 ° C.

Autumn in Abkhazia is time for fresh fruit. Be sure to go to the market and buy local tangerines, as well as persimmons, figs and grapes. In the fall, especially beautiful is the pearl of Abkhazia – the mountain lake Ritsa.


Azure sea with beautiful clean beaches and local color is exactly why you should fly there.

If we talk only about beach holidays in Albania, then of all autumn months it is perhaps only September. The average air temperature in this month is +27 ° C, water +24 ° C. In October the air temperature is already + 21 ° C, and in November +16 ° C.


You can swim in the resorts of Mexico all year round. Air and water temperatures do not change much throughout the year. The level of humidity and precipitation has a more significant impact on comfort.

A peculiarity of autumn is that at this time the rainy season ends. Around the second half of October, the likelihood of storms and showers decreases significantly, and in November there is the opening of the dry “tourist season”. The average air temperature in November at the most popular resort of Cancun in +29 ° C, water +28 ° C.

If you go to Mexico, be sure to see the ruins of the Mayan settlement in Tulum and the ancient city of Chichen Itza.

Dominican Republic

September in the Dominican Republic is mixed, this time it is humid, hot and there is a possibility of hurricanes. In October, the weather begins to normalize, and in November there is the opening of the tourist season. The average air temperature in November is +30 ° C, water +28 ° C.

The Dominican Republic attracts tourists with a high level of service in hotels, paradise beaches and a wide choice of entertainments. Night clubs, hiking in the mountains, water extreme and colonial attractions. Learn about the peculiarities of holidays in different resorts in the Dominican Republic can be found here (we have tried to write a very detailed article)!

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In the first half of autumn in Cuba there are storms and hurricanes, and also high humidity, in which high temperatures are more difficult to endure. But tour operators take tourists to Liberty Island all year round, and during this period just make the prices of tours more affordable.

By November, humidity and precipitation decrease significantly, it becomes more comfortable. The average air temperature in November is +29 ° C, water + 28 ° C.

Tropical socialism, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Cuba certainly has its own unique flavor, for which many people choose to vacation on Liberty Island. But if you look at the climatic features of Cuba, they are similar to the Dominican Republic. Can not decide between Cuba and the Dominican Republic ⁉ read the comparative review of the two countries.


In September in the UAE as in summer it is very hot (up to +40 ° C), but from October to November is the best time for holidays. The average air temperature in October is +34 ° C, in November, +30 ° C. The water temperature in October +31 ° C, in November +28 ° C.

At this time you can plan not only a beach holiday, but also sightseeing – go on a jeep safari in the desert and visit the magnificent oasis city of Dubai.


Summer in the Maldives is the rainy season, but in the fall the rains recede. Although the temperature does not change (the air is always about +30 ° C, water +28 ° C), the fall months have their own characteristics.

In September, it still rains, there are no strong storms, but the wind and waves in the ocean are still there (surfers must love it). Around the 20s of September, the ocean begins to calm down.

In October, the weather is already mostly clear. November is considered the first month of the dry season, which is reflected in the price of recreation. So if you want to save money, you should take a tour on the paradise islands in the first two months of autumn.


In Seychelles, the year-round temperature is about +30 ° C and the water +25 ° C. In the islands, summer is considered dry and the most comfortable time of year for a vacation. In the fall, from September to November, there is a gradual increase in humidity. Therefore, for a holiday in the Seychelles is better to choose September or October.


In September in Bulgaria there is a velvet season. And this is the only autumn month when you can rest comfortably at the sea. The average temperature is +24 ° C, sea +22 ° C.

This is the time of the harvest, the young wine and, we can say, the best month for a holiday in Bulgaria. Low prices for all inclusive, short flight, easy to get a visa, friendly staff – all this attracts most tourists.


You can swim in Croatia until mid-October, but it is better to plan your vacation in September. At this time comes the velvet season. The average air temperature is +24 ° C, the water +23 ° C.

The azure sea with clean beautiful beaches, pine trees and rocks. Croatia is a very picturesque country and European-style is not cheap.


In September in Greece continues summer weather – the average temperature is +30 ° C, water +24 ° C. In October you can also have a good holiday – by the end of the month the temperature drops to +25 ° C, and water up to +20 ° C. In October, it is best to choose the southern islands, such as Crete, Rhodes or Kos.

In November, it often rains, and the water temperature is not comfortable enough +18 ° C.

In autumn it is time to rent a car and visit the sights of the island, touch the remains of ancient civilization and learn more about Greek traditions.