Where to fly in the summer of 2022 abroad


In 2022, this is probably the most popular foreign destination for a summer vacation.

In Turkey, you can vacation by the sea all summer long. The average temperature at the Mediterranean coast (Antalya, Alanya, Side, Kemer) in June, the sea + 24 degrees, the air + 30 degrees. In July and August it gets even hotter – the sea gets up to +28 degrees, and the air up to +34 degrees. If you do not tolerate the heat as in July and August, we recommend to fly to Aegean coast (Bodrum, Kusadasi, Marmaris, Fethiye, Dalaman). The sea is several degrees cooler there.

In Turkey there are many excellent hotels with a decent level of comfort and service ❤ We have collected a selection of the most favorite 4 and 5 star hotels:

▪ L’Oceanica Beach Resort 5* (Kemer)
▪ Club Tuana 5* (Fethiye)
▪ Numa Bay 5* (Alanya)
▪ Belek Beach Resort 5* (Belek)
▪ Rubi Platinum 5* (Alanya)
▪ Nirvana Cosmopolitan 5* (Antalya)
▪ Barut Hemera 5* (Side)
▪ Liberty Fabay 5* (Fethiye)
▪ Ali Bey Resort 5* (Side)
▪ Susesi Luxury 5* (Belek)
▪ Gloria Golf Resort 5* (Belek)
▪ Hapimag Resort Sea Garden 5*
▪ NG Phaselis Bay 5* (Kemer)
▪ Regnum Carya 5* (Belek)

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Summer in Egypt is very hot, but dry. And this is good in principle, because with high humidity it would be difficult to endure such temperatures. The air during the day in July – August heats up to +32 – +35 degrees. In the evening it is not much cooler – +25 – +27 degrees. The average summer sea temperature is + 28 degrees.

By the way, the summer in Hurghada is nicer than in Sharm el-Sheikh because of the constant breeze.

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It is possible to fly there in the summer, but keep in mind that in the summer it is very hot and stuffy in the UAE. The average daytime air temperature is + 40 degrees, but it can easily reach + 45 degrees. Get pleasure from recreation in such weather is extremely difficult, it is better to wait until the fall.

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Prices for tours in Maldives in summer 2022 are very attractive!

In Maldives, you can vacation all year round. The average daytime temperature is + 30 degrees, the water temperature in the sea is only a couple of degrees below. Summer in the Maldives is not considered the best season, because at this time the islands are tropical downpours. They are usually short-lived – are no more than 2-3 hours during the day and night, and cause waves in the ocean.

If you’re planning an economical trip to the Maldives, we recommend tours to Toddoo Island – at Holiday Cottage Thoddoo, a wonderful ghosthouse where we vacationed in 2018.

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During the summer, humidity and temperature levels drop in Seychelles. The average daytime temperature is +26 degrees. This weather is great for those who like to sunbathe, but do not like the heat. There is no rain at this time, but the ocean can be turbulent.

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In Tunisia in the summer you can have a very good rest on the beach. Already in June, the temperature at the resorts can reach +30 degrees. Given the breeze from the sea it is quite comfortable. The sea at this time of +22 degrees.

In July and August, the air temperature rises to an average of +33 degrees, and the sea becomes much warmer – an average of +25 degrees in July and +27 in August. By evening, as the sun goes down, the air is cooler.

The island of Djerba is located in the south and it is always a couple of degrees warmer than other resorts in Tunisia. Holidays in Djerba should be at the beginning of summer, but at the end it is better to choose a resort on the mainland.


Bathing season in Cyprus starts in May. The temperature reaches + 24 degrees in June, and by August to + 28 degrees. Summer on the island is hot, dry and sunny. The average temperature in June is + 30 degrees, in June and August it rises to +35 and even +40 degrees. It’s most comfortable to fly to Cyprus in early summer. When choosing a resort keep in mind that the western part of the island (Paphos) is cooler than the east (Larnaca, Ayia Napa).


You can fly to the sea and the sun to the islands of Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and Zakynthos. You can swim and sunbathe there without any problem in any summer month. Already in June it is quite hot to rest there, the average air temperature is 28 degrees, sea water + 23 degrees. In July and August it gets even hotter.

If you are planning an economy trip to the Greek Islands, you can consider a couple of good and inexpensive hotels, where we have been personally: Troulis Apart-Hotel 2* in Crete and Orion Hotel 3* in Rhodes.


Mexico is hot in the summer. The average daytime temperature in the popular resort of Cancun +32 +33 degrees, while at night the temperature can drop to +23 degrees. The water temperature of the Caribbean Sea averages 29 degrees.

Summer in Mexico is considered the season of rain, but in fact they do not interfere with recreation. The rains are mostly short-lived, and there are a lot of sunny days in summer. Beginning in mid-summer, hurricanes are possible in the Caribbean. The likelihood that you will be caught up in a storm at this time in the resort is very small, but still there.


Summer is the low season on the island of freedom. In the afternoon, tropical showers suddenly fall, which, however, in an hour stop. At the same time, the air temperature is quite high: from +32 to +35 degrees and the water temperature in the sea is +27 to +29 degrees. Tropical cyclones in the summer can cause storms at sea, and sometimes hurricanes. With all this, summer charters to Cuba do not stop flying in the summer, and tourists vacation all year round.

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Dominican Republic

Tourists in the Dominican Republic rest all year round. True, summer is not the best time of year. Weather changeable, clear days, which are not few, however, alternate with cloudy. If it rains, it rains mostly in the morning and evening. The air temperature averages +30 degrees and sea water temperature is +28 degrees.

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