Deciding where to fly in the spring of 2022? We have collected for you two dozen open foreign destinations, where tourists are welcome.

Spring is a great time to fly somewhere for a vacation. Fortunately in the spring months there are many places where you can relax in comfort:

  • In tropical countries – the end of the high season;
  • high season in countries where summer is usually unbearably hot;
  • the end of spring – the beginning of the season in countries where the high season in summer.


The season in Turkey kicks off in late spring, with the weather becoming almost summer-like at that time. On the Mediterranean Sea, tourists begin to swim from May holidays, although the water is still clearly bracing. If you plan to fly at this time, 💦 choose hotels with heated pools and water parks so you don’t have to worry about that.

Hotels in Turkey with heated pools in winter

The average air temperature in Antalya in May is +26 C, water +20 C.

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Great vacation in Turkey is also possible in early and mid-spring. Of course, it is not about swimming in the sea, but it is a great time for walks and excursions. All around is in bloom and green. The average temperature in Antalya in March is +18 C. In April the air warms up to +21 C and the water becomes +18 C. The cold sea can be compensated by choosing a hotel with warm pools (Hotels in Turkey with heated pools in winter) and spa.

❤ And do not forget about the charming Istanbul, where the peak season falls in April. Everything is in full bloom. March and May are also a good choice, the tourists will be a little less.

It’s a great excuse to relax in a good hotel. Our guide ⬇⬇⬇⬇ which we update regularly, helps you find the right one for you.

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In the first half of spring, the weather in Egypt can frustrate tourists with strong winds and sandstorms, which fortunately are short-lived, usually one to two days. The average air temperature in Hurghada in March is +24 C, water +21 C.

In the second half of March the weather stabilizes and the high tourist season begins. The average air temperature in Hurghada in April rises to +27 C and water to +22 C. In May, the air is already +32 C and the water warms up to +24 C.

The temperature of the air and water in Sharm el Sheikh is always one or two degrees higher than in Hurghada. ❓ A comparative overview of the two most popular resorts in Egypt can be seen here.

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In the Arab Emirates, spring is a great time for both beach and sightseeing holidays. Unlike the summer heat, from which there is no escape, in the spring there is an opportunity to cool off in the evenings by walking along the sea. The average air temperature in Dubai in March +27, the water in the sea + 23 C. In April the air is already +32, and the water +27 C.

The temperature in May is gradually approaching the summer temperature – the air in Dubai is heated to 37 C and the sea is +28 C. When planning a vacation you should already think about whether your body is well tolerated high temperatures.

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The temperature regime in the Maldives is very stable, the average air temperature is +31, water +29 C. March is one of the best months to vacation in the islands, with sunny weather almost every day. Sometimes in the early days of the month the weather deteriorates, but this does not happen every year.

In April, the rainfall is more likely, but the beach vacation is not affected.

May is considered a transitional period from the dry season to the rainy season. The weather can get a bit unpredictable with occasional ocean storms. It rains, but most of the rain falls at night.


Early spring in the Seychelles is a period of waning rainy season. The ocean is still choppy and it rains often, but mostly at night. For a holiday, it is better to choose the last month of spring. By May, the elements calm down, the ocean calms down, the winds subside, and the rains disappear. The average daytime temperature in May is +31 C, and the water temperature is +28 C.


The most popular resort is the island of Phuket. The average air temperature in Phuket during the spring is +33 C and water +30 C. March is the dry season and is favorable for travel.

But April brings with itself an increase in humidity, the heat at this time is not so easy to endure. It gradually begins to rain heavily. In April in Phuket rainy days not more than 11, but in May it may be up to 19. It pours mostly at night, and if the daytime, it does not last longer than an hour.

Sri Lanka

The average temperature during the spring in Sri Lanka is +31-32 C and + 29-30 C. The best month to visit the island is March, it belongs to the high season.

April is considered a transitional month. In May, however, the warm air masses from the southwest come to the island, bringing rain. This is the beginning of the low season, when the ocean becomes turbulent, it rains from evening to morning, which increases the humidity.


Spring in Abkhazia begins early, but in March it is still mostly cloudy and cool.

But in April it is already warm – the average temperature of the month is +16 C, the daytime temperature may reach +20 C. It is a beautiful time, when everything is in bloom – time for active walks in the nature.

In May it gets even warmer, but the sea is still not very comfortable for swimming. The official opening of the beach season is not until June.


In spring it is best to fly to Djerba Island, it is the warmest. In March, the average air temperature is +20 C and water +16 C. With the advent of spring in Tunisia the sunny days are increasing and the rainfall is less. True, the beach season is still far away, at night it is quite cold.

Bathing in the sea becomes possible only in May when the average air temperature reaches +26 C and the water gets up to +19 C.


The average temperature in March is +30 C and water +25. The trip is better planned in the first half of spring, as in late April the season of tropical showers begins. By May the air temperature rises to +32 C and water to +28 C, the humidity rises.


Spring in Jordan is a great time for beach and sightseeing holidays. The average temperature in Aqaba at the Red Sea resort in March is +24 C. At the beginning of the season there can still be some rainfall. In April it is really hot weather +30, and in May even higher +34 C.


If you want to see a new side of the island, fly in spring, before the beach time. In March and April, Cyprus is bursting with greenery and flowers. Mimosa, cherry blossoms and poppies bloom. The average temperature in March is +17 C, but during this period it can still be cool and rain.

In April the weather is more like in summer – the average air temperature is +21 C and sometimes it reaches +25 C. At this time you can see the sights of the island without the exhausting heat of summer.

The beach season starts in May with an average air temperature of +25 C and during the second half of the month it can reach +30 C. Water in the sea warms up to + 21 C ( 🟢 coast of Cyprus is the fastest warming in the Mediterranean).


Eastern European country in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula. It is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, most of the territory is mountainous. Tourist season begins in May when the average daytime air temperature is +23 C and sea temperature is +19 C.

If you do not plan a beach holiday, April is also suitable for a comfortable holiday, the air temperature during the day warms up to a maximum of +19 C. But in March it is cool and besides still have the rains, which can hinder walks.


During the first two months of spring, Mexico’s resorts enjoy favorable weather. The average air temperature in Cancun in March is +30 and the water temperature is +26 C. In April, the air temperature is a couple of degrees higher. Warm sea and moderately hot weather, during this period a large number of tourists come to the resorts.

By May the water in the sea is quite warm +28 C. Come the wet season, there are short rains. Despite this, May in Cancun is considered quite acceptable month for a vacation.

Dominican Republic

March in the resorts of the Dominican Republic is considered the high season. During this time, the heat and dry, the average air temperature is 29 C and water temperature +26 C. During this time, you can still observe the huge whales that come to the Dominican coast.

In April, the air becomes more humid and the water temperature is warmer by one degree. In May, the humidity reaches 65%. In fact, at the same temperatures, it is no longer as comfortable as in early spring. But still the weather is still quite acceptable for a beach holiday.

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In early spring, Cuba is in high season, all the beaches are filled with tourists. The average air temperature in March at the popular Russian resorts of Varadero and Cayo Coco +29 C, the water +25 C. After the hot daytime sun in the evenings there are refreshing winds and the temperature at night drops to an average of +19 C.

In April, the daytime and nighttime temperatures rise by a couple of degrees – it is comfortable to rest both on the beach and visit excursions.

In May begins the rainy season – a month with about 7 rainy days. But do not be afraid of them seriously, the May showers pour no more than a couple of hours.


Spring in Croatia is a very picturesque period. Resorts turn into blooming flower gardens. Awakened nature gives bright colors, fragrance of fragrant flowers and birds singing. It is a great time for sightseeing.

The average air temperature in May approaching +22 C and the water in the sea becomes +18 C. This is the minimum threshold for a comfortable temperature for swimming, not everyone is ready for active beach holidays.


In spring one should not seriously consider Bulgaria as a beach resort. Even in May the weather at the Black Sea coast is not comfortable enough for swimming. But in March you can still have time to rest at ski resorts. Also you can visit spa resorts, as Bulgaria is rich in healing mineral deposits and hydrothermal springs.


Only in spring is it possible to see so much greenery and flowers in Greece. In March it still rains a little. In April the weather is like in summer: the temperature is above +20 C.

Beach season on the islands opens in May, when the water temperature rises to +19-21 C. The second half of May may be called the best period for rest – it is sunny, but not yet too hot.


It is commonly believed that Madeira’s spring lasts all year round. However, with the onset of calendar spring, the island changes its appearance. The persistent winter rains end and the daylight hours grow longer. The sun is appearing more frequently, with an equal number of sunny and rainy days in April. The average daytime temperature in March and April is +19 C.

May is already considered a high season month, with consistently warm and dry weather. The daytime temperature rises by a couple of degrees. True, in May not yet a lot of people swim, do not consider Madeira in this period as a beach destination.


Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a beautiful European city. You can see its sights at any time of the year. But if you have a choice of months for a vacation, it is better to fly in the second half of spring. In early spring it can still be quite cool and rainy. The average daytime air temperature is +10 C in March, +15 C in April and in May it can go up to +21 C.