We’ve chosen 12 countries that are definitely worth flying to in October, and prepared information about the peculiarities of a beach holiday during this period.


At a time when in our country the leaves begin to fall from the trees and have to wear a jacket, in Antalya and Alanya it is still possible to have a good rest at sea. The water temperature of the Mediterranean Sea in the popular Turkish resorts is around +24 C and the average daytime air temperature is +25-27 C. The number of rainy days is 6 per month, the same as in summer. The weather is comfortable without strong winds and high humidity. Splendid velvet season! At night it can be cool up to +15 C.

Loved Turkish service, food “all inclusive” and the staff at the hotels, excellent beaches, water parks, spa centers with hammam, Eastern cuisine – all this is available for those who decide to vacation in October.

Turkey is rich with unique monuments of ancient culture, as well as natural beauties. In October it is comfortable to go on excursions without the exhausting heat and a large number of tourists.


In the UAE in October, the tourist season is just beginning. October is the time when the summer heat finally subsides and the vacation at the sea becomes comfortable. The average daytime temperature is +35 C and during the night it falls to +23 C. The water temperature is +28 C. It does not rain at this time, the humidity is kept at around 60%.

Not to get burnt or get heat stroke, it is recommended to have a rest on the beach not in the daytime, but in the morning and evening.

Tourist pearl of the Emirates – Dubai. A modern city with many attractions with the prefix “the most. Architecture, exhibitions, shopping malls, restaurants – all this comes with a holiday at the sea in October.

Dubai is an expensive city, as it says with all its appearance. In order to save money, you can choose a hotel not in the city itself, but in nearby Sharjah – a neighboring emirate. From there you can easily get to the center of Dubai by public transport in 40-60 minutes or by cab.

Sharjah is the most popular resort with clean sandy and well-equipped beaches. Many hotels have swimming pools and water slides, but it is better to choose options on the coast with its own beach, where there is no beach dress code for tourists.

The UAE is a Muslim country, which has certain prohibitions. For example, the sale of alcohol. On the beaches, where the locals come to relax, you can’t sunbathe in an open swimsuit. In public places should walk in loose, not tight clothing that covers the shoulders and legs.


Another popular destination for beach lovers. Turkey’s competitor in the “all-inclusive”, a place of attraction for lovers of swimming with fish and the owner of the grand ancient cultural and historical monuments (the Egyptian pyramids and more).

October in Egypt is a comfortable time for holidays. In contrast to the summer months, when there is an unbearable heat.

In Egypt there are two well-known beach resorts. Hurghada with wide sandy beaches, more suitable for family holidays, and Sharm el Sheikh, attracting fans of diving and snorkeling by its corals. In mid-autumn in the resorts is always clear weather. The average air temperature is +30 C and water temperature +27 C, which is ideal for beach lovers.


You can also go to the sea in October in Europe. Beach holidays in October in Greece are already coming to an end, but it is still warm enough. On the southern islands of the country – Crete and Rhodes – the average daytime temperature is +24 C, but it can go up to +30 C, while in the evening it drops to +17 C. The water temperature is still comfortable for swimming. At the beginning of the month it’s +25 C, but by the end – goes down a couple of degrees. During the month there might be 5-6 rainy days. To catch more heat, it is better to fly in the first half of the month.

We vacationed in Crete with a small child just in October and had a lot of unforgettable experiences. We drove around the island by rented car, we swam and sunbathed during the day, in the evenings we walked in small towns and had dinner in tavernas. How beautiful the Greek islands are – quiet coves with turquoise water, many beaches and each has its own feature.

Autumn in the region is the harvest (olives, oranges, grapes) – a great time to explore the local cuisine.

Crete, Rhodes and other Greek islands have a rich and interesting history, monuments of ancient Greek civilization and medieval buildings. October weather is just right for sightseeing trips.

A good advantage of visiting Greece in this month are the prices, which are lower than in summer on average by 30%. It is more profitable to fly by charter flights, and easier to fly by package tours.

Of the minuses – requires a Schengen visa.


The climate of Cyprus is similar to that of the Greek islands. Beach season is coming to an end, but the weather is still comfortable for recreation at sea, and also disposes to excursions. The average air temperature during the daytime is +25 C and at night it falls to +20 C. The average water temperature is +25 C and it cools down a little bit only by November.

The island has many beautiful beaches, many of which regularly receive the Blue Flag as the highest standard of quality. When choosing a holiday destination, keep in mind that the resort towns of Cyprus have their own characteristics.

Ayia Napa and Limassol primarily attract young people with their nightclubs, bars and beach parties. Ayia Napa has a large themed water park WaterWorld Waterpark and Luna Park. The beaches of Ayia Napa have golden velvet sand, and in the surrounding area you can find steep cliffs from which thrill-seekers can jump.

Pafos is aimed at a respectable audience – there are beautiful cozy bays and hotels with a high level of service. The area around Paphos is home to historic sites protected by UNESCO.

Larnaca is more suitable for a family vacation. Hotels are located along the coast near the beaches, the entrance to the water is gentle and safe.

The advantage of Cyprus over the Greek islands is a simplified visa. It is made on a site electronically, free of charge, and fast enough. The finished visa is sent within 1 working day. Also in Cyprus, you can get on a valid Schengen visa.


October in the Caribbean resorts is when the wet season is over. The Dominican Republic is an expensive tourist destination. But the rest at sea in October in the Dominican Republic may not suit everyone. Before buying a tour you need to know the peculiarities of the weather in this month.

In the second month of autumn there is still a threat of hurricanes, but in fact the main blow take Haiti and Cuba and Dominican coast usually comes only the remnants of bad weather, which can wait out at the hotel without any fear.

According to statistics there are 11 rainy days in the month, which occur more in the first half. Therefore, it is recommended to fly to the Dominican Republic near the end of October. Most often the rains come in the morning, and immediately after they are over there is no trace of them. Another thing – high humidity, which may be contraindicated to people suffering from chronic diseases. The average air temperature during the day +29-32 C, in the evening it drops to +22 C. The water temperature is +29 C.

What to do in the Dominican Republic? Of course to relax on picturesque beaches with white sand and turquoise water.

To understand the features of the beaches of the Dominican Republic will help our article
The pros of the Dominican Republic include the lack of a visa to visit the country, and the minuses – a long flight.


In October, the summer weather continues on the sea in Israel. Water at the resorts of the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean has not yet cooled. October can be called the most comfortable month of rest in this country.

The warmest weather in Eilat on the Red Sea – the average air temperature is above +30 C, the water temperature is about +26 C.

The resort is remarkable in that it attracts divers. Here you can enjoy contemplation of the beautiful underwater world in crystal clear water.

If you are not much attracted to scuba diving and you prefer a relaxing vacation on the beach with fine sand – choose the northern part of the coast of Eilat. And to see the life of the coral reef you can take a trip to the underwater observatory. This resort will be a good choice for tourists with children, for them there is a lot of entertainment – water parks, amusement parks, maritime museums.

Holidays in Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean coast, as well as the Dead Sea will be more expensive than on the Red Sea. These areas are traditionally considered not budget.

Tel Aviv is more suitable for independent travelers – it is not only white sandy beaches with clear water, which is well equipped, but a modern city with restaurants, museums of modern art and nightclubs.

From Tel Aviv, you can plan tours to the historical monuments of the Holy Land, for which many tourists are flying to Israel.

The Dead Sea is known for its healing properties due to the high content of salts and minerals. At this unique resort tourists come from all over the world to restore immunity, be cured of chronic diseases, and enjoy the amazing views of this miracle of nature.


If you like sightseeing, cities with unique architecture and sights, then head to Barcelona, the capital of Spain’s Catalonia region.

October is a good time to enjoy comfortable walks without the heat, which can be combined with a visit to the beach. The average daytime temperature in the month is +22 C, in fact, it is hotter on clear days. There are 19 sunny days in October and the water temperature is +22-23 C.

We were in Barcelona in early October. We stayed in a hotel near the beach and relaxed on the beach every day when we stayed in town.

The beaches in Barcelona are sandy, clean, with good infrastructure. On the main beach of the old quarter of Barceloneta plenty of entertainment for young people – bars, restaurants, nightclubs. For 5 kilometers along the coast stretches a promenade – you can run, ride a bike and rollerblades, or just stroll.

Be sure to explore the Gothic Quarter and the Sagrada Familia and Guell Park.

There is much to see outside of the city as well, such as the Montserrat Monastery, the museum and Dali’s house. If you have time, you can visit the neighboring dwarf state of Andorra. In neighboring Catalan Tarragona in early October, there is a festival of castellers, where towers of people are lined up, something you won’t see anywhere else.

Barcelona is a popular destination. Tour operators have charters and many regular flights, so you can go to rest there as a tour or on your own.

A Schengen visa is required to visit Spain.


October for Thailand is the time of the beginning of the season when tourists return to resorts after the rainy season. The average air temperature during the day +30-32 C, at night it drops to +25 C. The water temperature is about +29 C. During this time the humidity is high and there may be short rains (mostly in the morning and evening and not longer than half an hour). By the end of the month they cease altogether.

If you want to fly early in the month – choose mainland Pattaya. This time there is the least amount of precipitation. By the end of the month you can fly to Phuket.

The coast of mainland Thailand has yellow sand, and on the islands it is mainly white. Flying to the popular resorts of Pattaya and Phuket, you can take ferries to the nearby islands, where there are fewer holidaymakers, and the beaches are more picturesque.

All the entertainment of Thailand – tours, parks, museums, shows, diving and surfing – will be available if you go on holiday in October.

No visa is required to visit Thailand. If you fly at the beginning of the month, you can save up to 50% compared to the prices in the middle of the tourist season. By the end of the month, prices will increase.

Budget holiday at the sea in October 2022

If you have a limited budget and you decide where to fly in October at the sea. Consider more budget destinations.


Tunisia is a good option to fly to the sea in October. This North African country, washed by the Mediterranean Sea, can be a budget alternative to a holiday in Turkey or Egypt. Tunisia also does not require a visa, there are sandy beaches and hotels are all-inclusive. True, their service may not be as high as in Turkey.

In October in Tunisia, the velvet season is in full swing. It is suitable for those who like a comfortable temperature and can not tolerate the grueling heat and high humidity. The average daytime temperature is +25-27 C. There is a difference in weather between the beginning and end of the month. It is better to fly in the first half. There are a total of 4-9 rainy days in the month, which will fall more in the second half.

If you choose a resort, the warmest in this period is on the island of Djerba – to fly to the sea in October is better there. The air temperature here in the first half of the month can go up to +30 C, and the water temperature is +25 C. In October, a beach holiday on the island can be comfortably interspersed with walks through the ancient quarters, permeated with Eastern flavor.


October in the Indian resort state of Goa is the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the tourist season. By the end of the month there is less rain and more tourists. Statistically, there are 5-6 rainy days in the month, but this is approximate, as each year is different. The average air temperature in the middle of the day is +31 C, at night it cools down to +24 C. The average water temperature is +29 C.

It can be said that this is the most budget Asian vacation in October. In this month, prices are always lower than in the middle of the season.

To visit India requires a visa, which, by the way, is more convenient to arrange online. When there is little time before departure on the tour, there is a significant drop in price. To take advantage of such offers, it is better to arrange a visa in advance and wait for the hot deal.

Goa has a special atmosphere that does not leave people indifferent. It divides them into two groups. The first group falls in love with this amazing place and returns here again and again. The other group is squeamish about the beaches and the service of the Indians.

In addition to endless beaches and breathtaking sunsets Goa is known for its yoga centers and Goa trance parties.


Jordan shares the Dead Sea and the Red Sea with Israel. Having the same climatic conditions, Jordan wins in price, so it can be considered as a budget alternative to Israel. October here is a comfortable time to vacation. The warmest place in the south is Aqaba, where the average day temperature is +33C.

You can visit Jordan to see its attractions along with the sea. A must-see is the beautiful ancient city of Petra in the Moses Valley, an ensemble of palaces, tombs and temples carved in a gorge.