Where are the worst seats on the plane?

Are you imprisoned in the middle seat in the back of the plane, neighbors are encroaching on your armrests, and endless noise comes from the toilet? Congratulations, you’ve got one of the worst seats on board.

Every seat on an airplane certainly has its own pros and cons. Today we’ll talk about the places that many travelers try to avoid, especially if the flight is long. Where the seats with a controversial reputation are located, said David Duff, an expert of the smart seat selection service in SeatGuru.

Window seats without a window

Yes, it happens. We are talking about a series of seats that are located between two windows in front and behind. This is an unfortunate series found in many aircraft – usually wide-body and high-capacity aircraft. The most offensive thing is to get such a seat for passengers who have chosen a seat in advance. In fact, this is it, the chosen place “by the window”, but the window is not there.

Such places are most oftenare in the economy class. There may be two, or maybe one, it all depends on the configuration of the aircraft. Airlines rarely indicate where such seats are located and usually a surprise awaits passengers on the plane.

How to understand where there will be no porthole? Check the seat map in advance at seatguru.com. There you can find detailed seat layouts for most aircraft types used by over 130 airlines. In particular, there is accurate data from carriers such as Turkish Airlines, Ryanair, SAS, British Airways, Emirates, EasyJet, Finnair, KLM, Lufthansa and others.

If you enter the airline and flight number, you will see a map of the entire aircraft. It will indicate which seats have no windows, which seats do not recline, and which seats, on the contrary, are more spacious than the rest. Also on the site you can read reviews and see photos.

And if you do not want to examine the walls for the entire flight, it is better to pay extra for a change of place.

Ryanair, by the way, is one of the few airlines that does not hide windowless seats on the website and presents the absence of a window as a plus. The instructions for choosing such a seat indicate that it is ideal for passengers who plan to sleep all the way.

On all Boeing 737-800 aircraft that serve Ryanair flights, “windowless” seats are located under markers 11A, 11F and 12F. EasyJet offers passengers such seats, numbered 25 and 26F on board the A319, and 31A on the Airbus A320. At American Airlines, these are seats 12A and 12F.

The last row

Many people also avoid the gallery on board. And all because of the reclining chairs and the proximity to the toilet and galley. During the flight, you will have to deal with noise, smells and people waiting in line to the toilet. If you sit on the edge, don’t expect too much sleep. The flight attendants will hit you regularly with the carts.

“In many cases, the seats in the last row are without windows, and it is also in the rear of the aircraft that the turbulence is most felt,” adds David Duff of SeatGuru.

These places also have advantages. Due to the fact that passengers do not particularly like the back row, the likelihood of flying without neighbors increases.

Emergency exit seats

Now you will probably be surprised, but not all travelers hunt for these places. Yes, there is extra legroom and you can sit royally. But! The seats in this row, depending on the layout, do not recline (or barely recline). Sitting with a straight back during a long flight is another challenge.

There are also a couple of little things that may be important for someone. It is forbidden to keep carry-on luggage on the floor in the emergency lane, and it is colder near the door than in other areas of the cabin.

Middle armchairs

Most passengers like to sit by the window, some in the aisle, and absolutely none in the middle. The reasons are obvious: there is little pleasure from tightness and the eternal struggle for the armrests. But, middle chairs, unloved by everyone, can sometimes help to get the whole row.

If you are flying with a companion, try to book a seat by the aisle and by the window. Solo travelers rarely choose middle seats. Therefore, the chances of getting this unclaimed property are high.

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These days, the best seats on the plane are easy to determine: they charge the highest fares, sometimes even more than the cost of the flight. What if you don’t want to overpay, but the place you come across does not suit you? Immediately after landing, you will have a few minutes to occupy a more comfortable free space (if there are unoccupied seats, of course). Moreover, experienced travelers say that it is better not to be shy and change seats on your own, and not wait for the services of a flight attendant.