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I am 30 weeks pregnant. Will I be allowed on the Wizz Air bot?

Yes, but you will need to provide a doctor’s note.

You can fly with a Hungarian low-cost airline up to 34 weeks of pregnancy (with multiple pregnancies – up to 32 weeks).

If you are more than 28 weeks pregnant, you must provide a medical certificate. Wizz Air will accept a document from a doctor issued no earlier than 6 days before the departure date.

I am flying to Dubai with my 3 year old son. What should I bring on board so that my child does not have a concert on the plane?

  • Take with you a toy that your child adores, and at least one new one (your baby will consider it longer and with special interest).
  • Place markers, pencils, coloring books, and a blank notebook.
  • Grab an interactive book (not music only). It will be interesting for the child to watch the pages come to life, to try the details by touch.
  • Don’t forget figurines for the finger theater. They will take up a minimum of space in your carry-on baggage, but at any time you can play a performance right in the sky.
  • Buy stained glass stickers in advance (sold in many children’s stores) and let your kid sculpt them onto the porthole. They come off easily, so there will be no problem.
  • Take your child’s favorite book, as well as one new fairy tale. The child probably will not refuse to once again hear about the adventures of familiar characters. And he will delve into the new story with curiosity.
  • Buy baby biscuits and gummies shaped like bears, turtles, or other animals. We understand that some goodies are not the best option, but there are times when only this works.
  • Put a charged gadget with a downloaded cartoon, game or audio story.

Heard about Hidden City Ticketing. Tell us in more detail what it is. And is it legal at all?

Hidden City Ticketing is a way to reduce the cost of your flight by getting off at the transfer point en route to your destination. Let’s say you really need to get from New York to Tokyo, and a direct flight ticket costs $ 1,037. You do not intend to spend that kind of money and book for $ 407 an option with a connection: New York-Tokyo-Singapore. Get on the plane, land safely in Tokyo and go about your business, skipping the last segment of Tokyo-Singapore.

The duration of the direct flight is 13 hours. In the variant with a transfer, the plane from New York to Tokyo flies in 14 hours. In general, Hidden City Ticketing in this case is a booking of a flight from New York to Singapore with a drop-off while stopping in Tokyo. Savings – $ 630.

Yes, this travel option is really attractive, but not ideal.

What are the cons?

  • If the passenger has not used the first segment, the rest of the ticket will expire. This is spelled out in the rules of all airlines. That is, you will not be able to take a ticket New York-Tokyo-Singapore and get hooked in Tokyo.
  • You must only travel with carry-on baggage, or you must check in your baggage to the point where you plan to leave. Otherwise, a rather nervous story called “Get Your Things Back” will begin.
  • Flight plans may change due to weather and many other factors. So you need to consider the possibility of a flight cancellation or overbooking. The airline can send the passenger to the destination indicated on the ticket by another route, which does not have the desired point B (in our case, Tokyo).

Is it legal?

Many airlines think not. In 2014, United wanted to sue $ 500,000 from the guy who actually came up with a life hack with savings and made a search engine for such flights with Hidden City Ticketing. The airline was determined, but lost the court.

For more information on Hidden City Ticketing, follow the link.

Where to buy a ticket to the Sagrada Familia?

You can buy tickets to the Sagrada Familia online on the official website of the temple. Online ticket prices range from € 17 to € 32. A ticket at the box office will cost € 4-5 more.

Some ticket types include a tower climb, a visit to the Gaudí Museum and an audio guide service (tourists are offered a 45-minute tour in 12 languages).


I am terrified of losing my documents while traveling. What to do?

We really hope that such a force majeure will not happen to you. But just in case, play it safe before traveling, so that in case of loss of the document, the issue will be resolved faster.

So, what you need to do at home:

  1. Find out and write down the addresses, phone numbers, as well as the working hours of the embassy or consulate of your homeland in the country of destination (or in the nearest country in the case of exotic).
  2. Scan your internal and international passports – including pages with valid visas. Do not forget about the driver’s license and the child’s birth certificate. Send all this to yourself and a close relative by email. Make sure you remember your email password and you can log in from someone else’s device. Print copies of passports and put them in different places of hand luggage and luggage. After the flight, take a photo of the entry stamp or entry visa and also send it to your mail.
  3. Take with you a couple of photos of 3.5 × 4.5 cm, so that later you do not run in search of a photo studio.
  4. Pack your international passport, internal passport and driver’s license in separate bags (so that if you lose one document, others will remain).

Read here what to do if your passport is lost abroad.