What not to do in Tanzania: 9 Important Tips

The clear waters of the Indian Ocean, white beaches, amazing nature, wildlife safari, the highest African mountain Kilimanjaro and affordable vacation prices attract tourists from all over the world to Tanzania. Zanzibar has become a favorite of travelers in 2020 and has given tourists a huge amount of emotion. But not in all cases they were exceptionally light.

Tanzania is now a safe destination, but you still need to adhere to some rules in order for your vacation to be on a positive note. Of course, trouble can happen in absolutely any city, but the following tips will definitely not be superfluous.

  • In Tanzania, tap water is of very poor quality and should never be drunk. Safe for health – bottled water, but be sure to check if the bottle was well sealed. Brushing your teeth, washing your face and washing dishes is recommended with water from a bottle or boiled water. You can also use special disinfecting tablets.
  • Do not buy meat or fish at local markets, but the purchased fruits are carefully mine.

  • Never pay in advance for a product or service. If you order a dish in a cafe and pay right away, the waiter will most likely ask you for money after the meal. Of course, you will explain that it was not a tip and everything will fall into place. But you hardly want to waste your vacation on the proceedings.
  • The standard of living in this African state is quite low. The service personnel have a salary of 100 euros a month, many locals are generally unemployed, so tourists (mostly careless) sometimes become victims of robberies. For safety reasons, it is not recommended to walk the streets unaccompanied in the dark, as well as to leave busy streets.
  • Don’t take originals of documents and air tickets for a walk, let everything of value wait for you in the hotel safe.

  • In Zanzibar, you shouldn’t haul a taxi. Before the trip, find the contacts of trusted carriers and contact only them. In early January 2021, Ukrainian tourists accepted the offer of a taxi driver from the street to give them a lift to the hotel. Half an hour later, the driver suddenly turned in the wrong direction and stopped. Local guys approached the car, beat and robbed the travelers, while the taxi driver hid.
  • Local robbers in Tanzania drive up to their victims on motorcycles or mopeds and rip off their bags. Better not to go to the side of the road and do not carry large amounts of money with you.
  • Don’t smoke in public. The ban is very strict, for non-compliance you can get a large fine or spend several hours in prison. Smoking is allowed in the hotel rooms (check with the administration) and in special areas of some restaurants.
  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen. The higher the level of protection, the better: Tanzania is located almost at the equator, so the sun bakes very strongly.

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