What can and cannot be picked up from hotels

Slippers – you can. Carpet, refrigerator, mattress – not allowed. The piano too. It’s hard to believe, but even such things disappear from hotels. According to lastminute.com, hotels lose about $ 4,000 a year on property that guests have taken with them. For five-star hotels, this figure exceeds $ 14,000.

It is unlikely, of course, that someone took the piano out of the hotel by mistake, but we want to believe that some of the things were taken by the guests by accident. Therefore, we decided to write, just in case, what is allowed to take with you from the hotel, and what is still not worth it.


  • shampoos, soaps, shower gels, body lotions, shower caps, slippers. Disposable items will still be thrown away after your eviction. So no one will be upset if you package this good for future use.
  • office. If you take a pen, pencil, postcard or notebook with the hotel logo, they will even say “thank you”. You, in fact, will advertise the hotel for free.
  • tea bags, cream, coffee and sugar sticks. This is also good.
  • travel sewing kit and boot cleaning kit. Will it come in handy on the farm? Take it, hotel staff don’t mind.

By the way, hoteliers from all over the world adhere to the “S Rule”. According to him, a guest can take small things from the room with impunity, the name of which begins with S. In this list:

  • Soap – soap.
  • Shampoo – shampoo.
  • Shower gel – shower gel
  • Shower cap – shower cap.
  • Slippers – slippers.
  • Stationery is a stationery set.
  • Sewing kit – travel sewing kit.
  • Shoe Shine Kits – set for cleaning / polishing shoes.
  • Sugar – sugar.

And now let’s talk about things, the absence of which in hotels will not be happy.

You cannot take away:

  • towels, pillows, blankets, bed linen, curtains and carpets belong to the hotel. Bathrobes are also usually forbidden to take away, but some expensive hotels give guests bathrobes with the hotel logo as a souvenir.
  • Leave cups, glasses, vases, ashtrays, paintings, mirrors, hangers and plants in pots in the room.
  • It is prohibited to take away light bulbs, kettles, coffee machines, fans, irons, hair dryers, clocks, cable boxes, TV remotes and TVs directly.
  • Many American hotels have Bibles in their rooms. So that’s it. She’s also not to go.

Thefts that don’t fit in your head

Towels, bathrobes, pillows and batteries disappear from hotels every day. This will surprise no one. But there are things the disappearance of which has shocked even experienced hoteliers. To your attention the top of the strangest thefts.

  • Las Vegas: A huge piece of carpet.
  • Berlin: shower head, toilet seat, sink and taps.
  • Los Angeles: marble fireplace.
  • Dubai: sofa and refrigerator with all contents.
  • Madrid: double orthopedic mattress.
  • London: plaque with the room number.
  • Switzerland: 50 kg wall clock with a pendulum.
  • Toronto: grand piano.

“I went out into the lobby and started looking around: something was missing. And then I realized: our piano had disappeared. We raised security, looked at the surveillance cameras. Three men, dressed as porters, calmly entered the hotel, pulled out the tool and rolled it down the street. Nobody even took an ear “, – recalls a hotel employee.

There was also an incident in the history of the hospitality industry when a guest stole the hotel owner’s dog.

So it goes.


What happens if they get caught?

  • They will ask to return the property of the hotel.
  • They will offer to buy the same thing at the front desk.
  • If they notice the loss after the check-out, they will write off the money from the card with which the accommodation was paid. This is stated in the rules, which many, of course, do not read.
  • They will blacklist the worst offenders, just like international carriers do.
  • They will call the police. In Nigeria, for example, theft of a towel is a criminal offense. One day a hotel administrator caught a woman red-handed. She had to pay a $ 20 fine or serve three months behind bars. We think it’s clear what the textile hunter chose.
  • Publicly humiliated. Two Australians who stole a bicycle from a hotel on the island of Gili (Indonesia) were led through the main streets with shameful plaques around their necks.

If you really want to take something from the hotel, but do not know if it is possible, be sure to check at the reception.