What are our subscribers asking us in PM?

The great deals on our website inspire not only travel but also a number of questions about upcoming travel.

We receive dozens of messages every day and try to answer each one as thoroughly as possible. Last week, subscribers asked about buying baggage, how to deal with a canceled flight, how to get boarding passes, and more.

We publish answers to frequently asked questions here. Suddenly they will be useful to you too.

Where can I buy luggage?

You can buy additional baggage through the website where you paid for the ticket, at the airport or directly through the airline. Just keep in mind that the price of luggage goes up when there are less than 24 hours before the flight.

In order not to forget anything before traveling, read our instructions.

What do you need to do to receive boarding passes directly?

You must register online.

Online check-in, depending on the airline, starts 24-48 hours before departure and closes 2 hours before departure.

Go to the airline’s website or use the application, open the “Check-in” page. Enter all the required data (booking number, last name, etc.).

If you are registered on the site, go to your personal account and perform all the above described actions there.

As a result, you will receive your boarding pass. Print it out just in case.

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What documents are needed to accompany a child by a stranger (I – mum)?

The accompanying person must have a notarized power of attorney with your signature and the signature of the accompanying person, and the passport details of the child and the accompanying person must also be indicated there.


How do I know if my sports equipment is allowed as baggage?

On the official websites of airlines there is a tab with the conditions for the transportation of sports equipment. All norms and prices are spelled out there. Here are links to the necessary pages on the sites of popular carriers among users of our service. UIA, WizzAir, Ryanair, LOT, KLM.

When can you expect compensation for a canceled flight? How much money will be returned?

If you are informed about the cancellation of your flight 2 weeks before departure, the airline must refund you the full cost of tickets or offer you to choose another flight for free.

If reported less than 2 weeks before departure, then compensation is guaranteed to you.

The amount of compensation depends on whether

  • when you were warned about the flight cancellation (7-14 days / up to 14 days);
  • what alternative route you were offered (how late you were at your destination);
  • what is the distance from the point of departure to the final arrival.

You’ll get:

  • € 250 for flights with a range of up to 1.5 thousand km. For example, from Kiev to Minsk, Sofia, Riga;
  • € 400 – from 1.5 to 3.5 thousand km. For example, from Kiev to Barcelona, ​​Paris, Milan, London;
  • € 600 – from 3.5 thousand km. For example, Beijing, New York, Los Angeles.

If it so happens that you are at the airport and find out that the flight is canceled, the airline is unlikely to be able to offer you an alternative flight without a significant delay at the point of arrival. Again, count on compensation or on another flight, but in this case, you must be provided with accommodation and a transfer.

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