Venice launches tourist tracking system

In Venice, the Smart Control Room system was presented, with the help of which it will be possible to track the behavior of tourists and control the number of visitors during the high season.

Venice Smart Control System – a system for tracking tourists through their mobile phones while traveling around the city. The local authorities spent 3 years and 3 million euros on its creation. This system is designed to tackle the problem of over-tourism that plagued Venice before the pandemic. The Venice Smart Control development base is located on the seperated island of Tronchetto, where government and police offices are also located.

“We know in real time how many people live in each part of Venice and what countries they are from. This is the brain of the city “Marco Bettini, co-founder of the system, told CNN.

According to Bettini, the system will be able to track the location of tourists in the city and find out where they are from by determining where their phone is registered. It is also interesting that Venice Smart Control can track the pace of movement of a person, his stops and, in addition, the occupancy of city streets and attractions.

The creators of the system hope to prevent high traffic from returning large numbers of tourists to the city. For example, they will introduce a fee for entering on busy days or for the operation of queuing systems. This is done to eliminate future overtourism.

We will also remind that the Indonesian authorities have extended the ban on entry for foreign tourists.

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