This town is located in the east of the Sinai Peninsula, just a hundred kilometers from the famous Sharm el-Sheikh. But the difference between the two resorts is very big, which is confirmed by various reviews of tourists about Dahab.

A place with an amazing, unique atmosphere, we recommend a visit to all connoisseurs of Egypt, lovers of exotic landscapes and water sports. But let’s look at all the features of recreation at this resort in detail.

Lodging in Dahab

Adjacent to the street a lot of alleys in which the economical tourist will be able to find a cheap hostel or a private studio apartment. There is also a modern quarter Mubarak with expensive hotels, similar to those in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. There is also a Bedouin village adjacent to Dahab.

Lodging in Dahab is for every taste – European and Arab, luxurious and modest. And you can book a tour or come to Dahab by yourself.

🌟 We recommend the following hotel options with good reviews for a tour holiday (on the agency’s website tours are displayed for two adults):

  • Le Meridien Dahab Resort 5*
  • Swiss Inn Resort Dahab 4*
  • Dahab 3*
  • Dahab Paradise 3*

Dahab Climate – The Resort’s Weather

The weather in Dahab is drier and warmer than in Sharm. Even during the winter months the temperature can reach +25-28 ° C. And it is never as windy as in Hurghada. Soft and pleasant warmth is what attracts tourists to Dahab. And of course beautiful scenery – blue sea, beautiful mountains, mysterious desert.

The average temperature of the water in the sea and the air during the day:

t,C Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
☀ 22 23 25 30 34 37 38 37 36 31 27 23
🌊 22 21 21 22 24 26 28 28 28 27 25 24

You can vacation at the resort all year round. The most comfortable months are April, May, October and November.

What is the sea and beaches in Dahab

In Dahab, you can find both rocky and sandy beaches. The water is warm and suitable for swimming almost all year round. The bottom of the Gulf of Aqaba is famous for the abundance of beautiful fish and amazing algae. Therefore Dahab is a Promised Land for divers.

Divers from all over the world come to this lovely town, both amateur and professional. Located near Dahab “Blue Hole” (vertical underwater gap) is a kind of mecca for professional divers.

Do you like windsurfing and kite surfing? Then Dahab will become your favorite vacation spot.

If you plan active holidays at sea, don’t forget to take out travel insurance taking into account your needs (diving, windsurfing, jet skiing, etc.). On the website you can easily find a policy and arrange it online.

Cafes and Restaurants in Dahab

Enjoy Dahab and gourmets. The restaurants offer a variety of national cuisines – Italian, Spanish, French, Thai, Japanese…

Near the fish restaurants you will be offered to buy freshly caught fish, shrimps, lobsters. And in the alleys of the Old City there are Arabian restaurants. The food there is many times cheaper and tastier than in the tourist establishments. Finally, if you live in a private apartment, it is better to prepare food at home. There are stores and supermarkets, where the products are times cheaper.

What to do besides beach activities

Dahab is considered one of the best places for living on the beach. More and more inhabitants of megacities are inclined to this philosophy. Tired of the busy life, of the routine of everyday work forces people to leave the big cities.

In Dahab you will meet downshifters from different countries. These people rent out their apartments in their homeland and live here permanently, trying to find the meaning of life without luxury and fuss. Among them are many of our compatriots, but they behave differently than the tourists in the hotels of Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Their happiness is not in discos and beach parties, but in contemplating the stars in the black desert sky, in enjoying the sound of the waves. And what if you find the meaning of your life in Dahab?

But Dahab is not devoid of social events. In the evening the lights sparkle at discotheques, melodious music invites you to restaurants. On the waterfront of the Old Town you can meet people from all over the world: Germany, Britain, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Indonesia.

Here democratic socializing is encouraged. In one evening you will find new friends, you can chat with them, sitting in a beach cafe, styled as a Bedouin tent with cushions by the fire. Over a cup of tea or a glass of natural juice, conversations in different languages flow, laughter is heard, smiles shine…

What to see in the vicinity

The neighborhoods around Dahab are full of peculiar sights. Above all, these are the amazing natural wonders, which you can get acquainted with on excursions.

You can go on jeep or camel safari in the famous valley Bir El Ogda with the world’s tastiest well water, to wade through the gorges of the mountains, enjoy the clearest sea and sunset in the Blue Lagoon.

You can see amazing mangrove trees, falconry and stork flocks in Nabq National Park. The red, purple, yellow galleries of Colored Canyon 💜 and the white as chalk sand of White Canyon will forever be etched in your memory. Not to mention the photos!

Only in the outskirts of Dahab you can take a picture with a stone mushroom in the middle of the desert or in a coral grove underwater. And history lovers can soak up the atmosphere of the early Middle Ages in the monastery of St. Catherine ✨, which is also located in Sinai.

Visit Dahab! And you will once again be convinced of how wide and beautiful our world is, and how much wandering gives to our soul and consciousness.