USA to ban tablets and laptops in carry-on baggage

New requirement TSA does not allow passengers on certain flights from the Middle East to take laptops, tablets, e-books and cameras on board the plane.

According to the new requirements of the US authorities, airlines in 8 countries now do not allow their passengers to carry electronic or electrical devices on board more than a smartphone. So far, the ban affects the airports of 8 countries in which the Muslim population predominates, but it is possible that it will spread to other countries.

The secret decree was recently received by e-mail marked “confidential” from the TSA’s Transportation Security Administration.

The ban applies so far to the airports of eight countries:

  1. Queen Alia (Jordan)
  2. Cairo International Airport (Egypt)
  3. Ataturk International Airport (Turkey)
  4. Airports “King Abdulaziz” “King Khalid” (Saudi Arabia)
  5. Kuwait International Airport (Kuwait)
  6. Mohammed V International Airport (Morocco)
  7. Doha International Airport (Qatar)
  8. Dubai and Abu Dhabi International Airports (UAE)

Passengers of direct flights, as well as flights with transfers at the above-mentioned airports, can now take with them into the aircraft cabin only devices no larger than mobile phones and smartphones. Everything else (laptops, tablets, cameras, e-books, etc.) must be checked in. The exception is devices that allow the aircraft crew to display diagrams, flight procedures, airport maps and other digital documentation. Also, the ban does not apply to medical devices.

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New rules affect airlines Royal jordan, Egyptair, Turkish airlines, Saudi airlines, Kuwait airways, Royal air maroc, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad, and applies to flights to and from the United States.

The Transportation Security Administration refers to data from the US Department of Homeland Security and believes that the new measures will help prevent terrorism. The US Department of Homeland Security is concerned that terrorists may strike commercial flights.

Department of Homeland Security spokesman David Lapan told The Guardian that the Department will not comment on possible security measures, but will provide any updates to requirements if needed.

There is evidence that the UK authorities are considering introducing similar requirements to ban equipment in carry-on baggage for some flights.

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