Undeservedly forgotten countries

Recently, an analysis of traffic over the past 5 years was carried out and a rating was compiled of the ten European countries that are the least popular with tourists. This list turned out to be rather unexpected.

Iceland was recognized as the most unpopular country. In addition to her, the list includes Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, San Marino and Serbia.

Calculations showed that Iceland ranks last in terms of attendance: in 2013, for example, only 800,000 tourists visited it (this is even less than in Iraq).

Nevertheless, the flow of tourists to this Scandinavian state is gradually increasing. Over the past five years, this figure has consistently exceeded 20% per year. Thus, by October 2015, the number of tourists visiting Iceland exceeded one million. This figure is expected to rise to one and a half million in 2016.

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