Ukraine introduces mandatory testing for travelers from 4 countries

According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, since June 23, at the borders of Ukraine, the authorities are introducing compulsory PCR testing for citizens who have arrived from Portugal, Russia, Great Britain and India.

At the moment, the official document has not yet been published on the government website.

The innovation is considered mandatory, since a new dangerous strain of the coronavirus called “Delta” is widespread in these four countries.

At the time of June 23, two cases of this strain were detected in Ukraine.

Visitors will be checked using express tests. There is still no information about whether testing will be paid or free and what will happen to a person in case of a positive result. It is also not known whether only Ukrainians or foreigners will have to take the test.

Recall that since June 17, the authorities have allowed Ukrainians and foreigners with a residence permit to visit Ukraine without mandatory testing, since the country was in the “green” zone.

Foreigners and stateless persons in order to enter the country must present health insurance and one of three documents:

  • negative PCR test;
  • antigen test;
  • vaccination certificate.

According to avianews.

We also recall that Georgia is loosening quarantine restrictions – the mask regime has already been canceled, and the curfew is being lifted from July 1.

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