Ukraine does not plan to close flights with Great Britain

According to the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladislav Krykliy, the Cabinet of Ministers will not close flights with Great Britain.

“We have a visa regime with the British, which already limits the number of passengers between our countries. Now flights are carried out mainly for the return of Ukrainians from studies from abroad home for the Christmas holidays “– said Minister of Infrastructure Vladislav Krikliy in his Telegram.

According to him, the Ukrainian authorities will monitor the epidemiological situation in the UK. In case of risks, air traffic between countries can be closed.

Recall that after the discovery of the mutated species COVID-19, the UK fell into international isolation. The virus mutation was named N501Y. More than 20 countries, including France, Italy, Germany, Poland and Belgium, have suspended flights to the UK. Some countries have tightened quarantine measures for arrivals from the Kingdom.

We also recall that the Georgian authorities announced the lifting of restrictions imposed during the spread of COVID-19. The country will resume international flights from February 1, 2021.

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