UIA flight cancellations: what to do and how to get compensation?

On October 25, Ukraine International Airlines announced the closure of a significant number of routes, which left thousands of travelers in confusion. No panic! We figured out what to do in this situation and prepared instructions for you that will help you not to panic, but to return your money or reissue a ticket.

Here is what UIA reports on the official website:

Ukraine International Airlines is optimizing the hub system at Boryspil International Airport, taking into account fluctuations in demand, transit flows, forecasts for the development of the Ukrainian economy and the situation with the need to fly over the territory of the Russian Federation. The reduction in the flight program is due to the need to optimize the airline’s costs and return it to the breakeven zone. The new schedule will be introduced on November 16, 2019 for the entire winter and summer seasons of IATA navigation 2019/2020. “

What will change?

  • All of UIA’s own regular flights to Western European destinations will operate in the daytime, departing from Kiev at 09:30 – 10:30 and arriving in Kiev at 17:30 – 18:30 local time.
  • The frequency of flights from Kiev to Brussels, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Krakow and Madrid will increase – they will be operated daily.
  • All of UIA’s own regular flights to Cairo, Dubai, Ankara, Izmir, Yerevan, Baku and Tehran will operate at night, departing from Kiev between 20:00 – 21:00 and arriving in Kiev between 07:30 – 08:45 by local time.
  • Flights to Tel Aviv, Istanbul and Tbilisi will be operated several times a day.
  • Flights on the routes Kiev – London – Kiev and Kiev – Vilnius – Kiev will be operated twice a day.
  • Flights to Amman, Riga and Minsk will be canceled due to the unprofitableness of these directions.
  • As for domestic flights, UIA will fly from Kiev to Odessa, Kharkov and Lvov twice a day, and to Dnipro, Kherson, Chernivtsi, Zaporozhye and Ivano-Frankovsk – once a day.
  • During the winter navigation period, flights on the Kiev-Toronto route will be operated 3 times a week instead of two.
  • The number of flights from Kiev to Delhi will increase to 5 per week for the winter navigation period, and in the summer season of 2020, the frequency will reach 7 flights per week. Departure from Delhi will take place at 23:30, arrival in Kiev – at 4:10.
  • Flights to Beijing will also be suspended, and the frequency of flights on the Kiev – Bangkok – Kiev route will be reduced to 3 weekly flights.
  • Also, from November 17, there will be changes in the schedule of flights from New York to Kiev – departure from New York is postponed at 00:30, arrival in Kiev – at 16:20, respectively. The flight schedule from Kiev to New York will remain unchanged. Flights to the USA and Canada will be operated on Boeing-777 aircraft.

These changes will remain in effect until the Ukrainian government makes an effective decision to create a level playing field for Ukrainian and foreign carriers when flying over the territory of the Russian Federation.

What if my flight is canceled?

The first thing to say – you will not be left without tickets and money, do not worry! The main thing is not to wait for the weather by the sea, but to address this problem as soon as possible after you learn about the change or cancellation of the flight.

First of all, you need to understand where you bought your tickets. If you bought on the UIA website, contact them in the most convenient way for you:

– through the form on the website;

– by writing to the UIA official Facebook page in Messenger;

– UIA contact center: +380445815050, +380443645050, 566 (from mobile in Ukraine).

We recommend contacting Messenger, as, according to the editorial board, this is the fastest way to communicate with the airline.

The airline offers two options for solving this situation:

  • re-routing and taking an alternative flight;
  • refund of the ticket price;

If you bought a ticket through an online agency (kiwi.com, tickets.ua, trip.ua and others)you need to contact them directly. We will leave the list of contacts of our partners just below.

After contacting the company, tell the employee your booking number and he will tell you about further actions.

Also, on many services, you can send a request for a refund directly from your Personal Account. You need to find the menu item “Ticket refund”, indicate the passengers whose tickets you would like to change or receive a refund for them. Enter all the necessary data, indicate “Cancellation of flight” as the reason for the request and send a request. Employees of the company will contact you and clarify all the necessary nuances. If you have requested a refund, they will be returned to the card within 5-10 days after submitting the application. If you also paid for the choice of a seat on board, then the money for this service will come a little later than the principal amount.

IMPORTANT: tripmydream is a service for finding profitable air tickets, you do not make the purchase directly from us, but on the airline’s website or from one of our partners – online agencies.

What do the UIA press service say?

If the passenger received a notice of flight cancellation in advance (14 days before departure or more), you must contact the place of purchase of the ticket or contact the carrier through the available communication channels (contact center, ticket offices, social networks). In this situation, the passenger is offered a full refund of the ticket price or the unused part of it at the place of purchase of the carriage or an alternative flight option to the final destination in accordance with the previously purchased ticket.

If the information about the cancellation of the flight was received less than 14 days before the departure or at the airport on the day of departure, then, in addition to the above options, the passenger can contact the carrier for compensation. The amount of compensation will depend on the flight distance and the waiting time for an alternative (new) flight.

Passengers are also entitled to a number of additional services in case of flight cancellation on the day of departure and waiting for a new one for more than 2 hours, such as:

– food and soft drinks;

– two free calls;

– transfer on the route airport-hotel-airport;

– a place in the hotel in case of waiting for a new flight for one or more nights.

To contact the carrier for compensation, the passenger must keep the ticket, boarding pass, and also present a document confirming the fact of the flight cancellation with an indication of the reason (this document can be obtained from the airline representative at the airport, subject to the cancellation of the flight on the day of departure). It is important to remember that if a flight is canceled due to force majeure, such as weather conditions, the carrier has the right to refuse to pay compensation to the passenger.

If the passenger has purchased additional options such as baggage, seat selection, etc., will he / she receive compensation for them?

If, as a result of reissuing tickets in connection with flight cancellation, the carrier cannot provide the passenger with previously purchased additional services (for example, food, a place of increased comfort), then the cost of these services, as a rule, is refunded to the passenger in full at the place of purchase in that form and currency. in which the payment was made. If it is possible to provide the passenger with all paid additional services on new (alternative) flights, these services are reconfirmed in the booking system automatically when the passenger’s itinerary receipt is reissued.

Contacts of online agencies

tickets.ua – [email protected] | +38 (044) 502-74-38. You can also use the online chat on the tickets.ua website.

turisto.com – [email protected] | 0 800 503 904;

crazyllama.com – [email protected] | 0 800 750 958;

trip.ua – Facebook page trip.ua | +38 044 228 12 35;

aerobilet.ua – [email protected] | +380 44 500 51 30;

onetwotrip.com – +38 044 364 06 20. You can also use the form on the website.

kiwi.com – you can contact through your Personal Account;

city.travel – +7 495 640 60 40, +7 812 640 60 40;

bookandtrip.ua – [email protected]; +38 (044) 379 48 36.