Tunisia has changed the conditions of entry

Tunisia is changing the rules for entering the country for tourists. Now vaccinated tourists or those who have had COVID-19 are not required to take a PCR test.

The new rule applies to all foreign tourists, even those who fly by charters. Previously, such rules were in effect only for those who arrived in the country on regular flights. To enter Tunisia, you now need a vaccination certificate or documentary evidence that the passenger has had COVID-19.

Previously, this only concerned foreigners who arrive in the country on regular flights. Now it applies to everyone, including passengers who fly by charters. In order not to take tests, they need to have a vaccination certificate or confirmation that they have had coronavirus.

The rest still need a pre-trip PCR test and a week of quarantine upon arrival. Quarantine is necessary for those who travel on their own.

According to 34travel.

We also recall that from May 31, the Czech Republic relaxes restrictive measures and opens borders for tourists from seven countries.

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