TRIPMYDREAM: there are already 50,000 of us!

All of us – free travelers who cannot stand standard travel and imposed routes – are now united into a single whole – the TRIPMYDREAM community. This is where we share our experience and together we walk towards the travels of our dreams!

Today is a special day for us: our community on Facebook has 50,000 subscribers. These people are literally a part of our team, with whom we closely communicate every day and share useful advice. In response, we receive countless wishes, comments and requests. We are sincerely grateful to each of you!

Feeling your support and trust, we are getting better every day:

  1. Every day 20 people of our team are working to make our service even more convenient and useful. Already now you can find reliable and detailed information on more than 250 cities of the world
  2. We continuously analyze your requests, select the most profitable flight and accommodation options and send travelers on vacation
  3. Every day we expand our horizons and connect more and more cities to the search service. With tripmydream you can travel anywhere in the world on your own

We are very pleased that all our efforts resonate in your hearts. And you trust us so much that you tell personal stories and share your own experiences:

  1. travel in Europe. Thank you Andrey and Julia!
  2. moving to another country. Thank you, Anton and Andrey!
  3. and even the most intimate. Thank you, Anastasia!

The tripmydream travel service was created to help travelers find the best flights, comfortable accommodations and all the travel information they need. We know exactly where we are going and for whom we are doing it. We have a long road ahead of us to a worldwide community of free travelers. And very soon a couple of zeros will be added to the figure of 50,000, we do not even doubt it!

tripmydream is open for communication and cooperation: write us messages on Facebook or letters to [email protected]

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