tripmydream presents 33 air tickets – WINNERS ARE CHOSEN !!!

For a whole month, the participants of our competition have been choosing tickets where they would like to fly, and now we are ready to announce 33 winners who will receive their dream tickets from tripmydream!

We have organized a MEGA competition for our beloved travelers with the opportunity to choose air tickets where you would like to fly, and then – to win them!

Why not just a competition, but a MEGA competition? Yes, because we have not one winner, there are not 2 or even 3 – but as many as 33!

Just imagine: 33 lucky people will receive tickets for their dream trip.

And we are happy to announce that with the help of randomness the winners have ALREADY BEEN CHOSEN !!!

  1. Olga Suhova
  2. Tatiana Moroz
  3. Tatiana scherbak
  4. Oksana matchuk
  5. Sergey Alexeev
  6. Dmytro Fedorenko
  7. Marina Bay
  8. Julia Kravchuk
  9. Denys Ponomarenko
  10. Kateryna Vasylenko
  11. Ekaterina Levina
  12. Larisa Pikalova
  13. Natalia Gerasimenko
  14. Anna Morskaya
  15. Lesya Zhadko
  16. Oksana Oleinikova
  17. Olga Rybalchenko
  18. Juliya Osadchaya
  19. Anna begun
  20. Vitaly Gusarova
  21. Ulechka Safarova
  22. Mariia gulo
  23. Yarema kachmar
  24. Vladimir Salitrinsky
  25. Irina Prozheiko
  26. Eugene sweet
  27. Alla Piatakova
  28. Evgenia Gorobey
  29. Tatiana Fedorenko
  30. Tatiana Verhoglyadova
  31. Irena Ka
  32. Yarina Onufrienko
  33. Ann Kapova-Savanova

Friends, we congratulate you on your victory !!!

In total, many thousands of travelers took part in the competition, we thank all the participants and are glad that with our help your dreams are becoming more accessible and closer!

Actually, it was for this purpose that we carried out this grandiose adventure. We have created a very cool discount service – the Catalog of Air Discounts, where you can find offers on flights with discounts up to -85%! It is really very beneficial, and our task is to teach as many travelers as possible to use it.

Yes, today we have delighted 33 travelers, but with discounts up to -85% you can plan your trips yourself very cheaply!

So, for our winners:

1. Within a week we are waiting for your letters at [email protected] – in the subject line of the letter, be sure to indicate “The winner of the competition – We give 33 air tickets”.

2. In your letter, provide a link to one round-trip ticket that you have chosen (in the Catalog of air discounts, click on the “Share” button). This can be an offer that participated in the competition, if it is still relevant, or any other round-trip offer up to UAH 3000 – you can find offers here.

3. Send all the necessary data for booking a ticket: passport data (name, surname, passport number, date of birth and “valid until”).

Within 48 hours we will book your chosen ticket and send it to your mail.

* If during the booking process the price of your chosen ticket rises, we will ask you to choose another flight option for a price of up to UAH 3,000.

** tripmydream is not responsible for how the winner disposes of the received tickets, as well as forand the actions of airlines in relation to tickets (cancellation or delay of a flight, overbooking, etc.).