tripmydream presents 33 air tickets: detailed rules for the competition

Take part in the competition, as a result of which 33 winners will win air tickets to the destinations of their choice. *

Organizer of the competition:


About the competition:

The competition is held on the social network Facebook and on the website from 06/19/2017 to 07/11/2017.

The terms of participation:

To take part in the contest “Give 33 air tickets from tripmydream”:

  1. Find the tickets where you would like to fly in the Air Discount Catalog and share them on your page **
  2. Check in the comments to post on tripmydream page at least 3 of your friends who also like to travel (Tip: the more friends you mark, the more chances you have to win)

Write in a post your impressions of the Service Aviation Discount Catalog with the hashtag # tripmydream33. For example:

If you meet the above conditions, you will automatically enter the drawing for one of the 33 tickets from tripmydream.

Applications are accepted from 19.06 to 10.07.2017 (10.07 at 23:59 the acceptance of applications for participation in the competition automatically stops).

We recommend that you subscribe to the tripmydream Facebook page to be the first to know about the results of the competition and other possible surprises from the organizer.

Determination of the winners

The winners will be selected at random and announced on the tripmydream facebook page on 11.07.2017.

The competition will announce 33 winners who will receive travel tickets from tripmydream. One winner of the competition will receive one roundtrip ticket.

How to get tickets

Among all the participants of the competition, 33 winners will be selected, who will receive air tickets from tripmydream in both directions, which were selected during the participation in the competition, and the cost of which does not exceed UAH 3,000.

If during the period of the competition the price of the selected tickets changes, the winner can contact the organizer within 7 days by writing to [email protected] and choose other similar tickets, or change the direction and dates (worth up to UAH 3000 in both directions).

Air tickets are possible with departure from one of the cities presented in the Catalog of Air Discounts (cities of Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia).

The travel period is until 11.07.2018.

To receive tickets, you will need to contact the organizer within 7 days by writing to [email protected] with a note that you won the competition.

Competition rules

Only persons over 18 years of age who are registered on Facebook, have an open profile and have at least 10 friends on their page can participate in the promotion.

Only persons who have personal photos in their Facebook profile can participate in the action.

If the winners of the promotion have not complied with all the rules of participation in the competition or it is not possible to contact them within a week from the date of the drawing, the organizer has the right to revise the results of the competition.

The organizer of the action has the right to delete comments on a post without warning if they are considered offensive or in violation of the terms of the competition. Comments can also be deleted if they are not related to the action, contain advertising text, links to third-party sites or other information that violates the rules of the current legislation of Ukraine.

The organizer’s decision is not subject to appeal.

By accepting the reward, the winner of the competition confirms the availability of the necessary documents for traveling abroad – a biometric passport or a visa valid for the period of travel, it is necessary to visit the selected country.

The organizer of the competition is not responsible for how the winner disposes of the received tickets.

The organizer is not responsible for technical failures, including late delivery / receipt of electronic messages, as well as any other technical failures of Internet providers providing communication services to the organizer and the participant of the competition.

The organizer is not responsible for any losses incurred by the participants of the competition, as well as for the actions of airlines in relation to tickets (cancellation or delay of a flight, overbooking, etc.).

The organizer reserves the right to clarify the conditions of the competition, change the details, terms and conditions of the competition.

* Winning means buying air tickets for UAH 1. Air tickets costing up to UAH 3000 in both directions with departure from any city from those that are in the Catalog of Air Discounts. The travel period is 1 year.

** To participate in the competition, you must have an open facebook page and make the competition post also open to everyone.