TripMyDream Connected: Answering This Week’s Popular Questions

Every day we receive dozens of travel questions, from how to find cheap flights to questions about carrying smoked fish in carry-on luggage. To make your life easier, we try to regularly publish answers to popular questions and this week is no exception.

This week, users were most worried about the changes in the price and the difference between child and adult tickets, baggage allowance and, our favorite, “How to print an air ticket?” Let’s go through each.

1. Why the prices when clicking on the link differ from those originally announced?

This happens when our system does not have time to track the current prices, since tickets at the lowest prices are very quickly disassembled, and price information is not updated instantly.

If you want to fly to a specific destination, you can subscribe to a price change notification (it will be automatically offered to you when you search for tickets) and find out about the best price for your destination while it is still valid.

Then you will receive letters in the mail informing about the increase or decrease in prices for a particular flight.

2. Is baggage included in the ticket price?

You can find out on the page for issuing air tickets above the price. It will indicate whether it is included, and if it is, the measurements and maximum weight are reported.

3. Where to print the ticket?

You can print boarding passes on a printer if that was the question. If he is not at home, you need to transfer them to a flash drive, for example, or send them by e-mail to a print center.

Airports also provide this service, but there is often an additional charge for it. Low-cost airlines almost always.


4. Is there a difference in price between adult and child tickets?

The price of a child ticket depends on the age. If the child is under 2 years old, he belongs to the infant category and is often transported free of charge. However, a zero ticket is required. You can also bring a bassinet / car seat / stroller and unlimited liquid for free.

If the child is from 2 to 12 years old, the ticket price will cost you 50-70% of the total cost. Read more in our instructions.