Traveling for free: haussitting

Those who are already tired of trivial tourist trips will be interested in the know-how from inventive travelers – haussitting. With its help, you can not only significantly save the travel budget, but also get acquainted with the life of another country from the inside, reincarnating for a while into one of its inhabitants. And no, the exchange of bodies has absolutely nothing to do with it.

What kind of beast?

Imagine a sweet, alluring opportunity, going to an unfamiliar city, to stay not in a boring hotel, but in the house of a local. I’ll tell you more: for a while, turn into a full-fledged owner of this very house. And it’s all completely free!

Do you not believe that this happens? Expand your boundaries – haussitting will help you. In fact, behind this neologism lies the desire of some travelers to help interact with those close to them in spirit from all over the world. With its help and by prior arrangement, anyone can stay in the home of a resident of another country in exchange for a little help around the house.

They usually don’t ask for anything supernatural, although there are those who want to be original. Most often, a dog or a parrot is left on a haussitter from another country, which needs to be looked after, or flowers that need watering, or, in fact, the house itself, which does not want to be alone. This practice has long gained incredibly high popularity in the United States and European countries and is gradually beginning to gain positions among our travelers.

On the undeniable benefits

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Let’s face it: we are all no, no, and we are thinking about how to make our travel budgetary, so that at the same time they do not lose either the richness or the set of impressions left. This is where independent travel planning resources like ours come in, as well as things like Haussittinig that make it possible to implement an ambitious budget plan in the most optimal way.

Experienced travelers are well aware that spending on accommodation (even if it’s not a luxury hotel, but an economical option like a hostel) makes up a large share of our travel budget. And, having spent not too much effort and quite a bit of your time on performing simple assignments, you can completely delete this item of expenses.

But perhaps the most impressive advantage of haussitting is its main idea – it is about a unique cultural exchange. Following the obligatory rules, the haussitter must arrive a couple of days before the owners leave and leave the day after their arrival. Thus, an opportunity is provided to get acquainted with the house, its inhabitants, internal traditions, as well as the way of life.

Do not be shy

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If your eyes have already lit up, and you do not yet know where to run and what to grab onto, remember: haussitter is not born, but becomes. You can join this large-scale global community by registering on one of the major sites for such a search – the so-called “social networks” for homeowners and haussitters. If you have not been banned from Google, then by the main keywords you can easily find them and look for the best option for yourself.

Most of the most popular are organized according to the “club” principle – on the basis of annual membership fees. Usually the amount of such a contribution does not exceed $ 20-80. If you often travel, this amount will be “recouped” without much effort, and the experience itself is priceless.

In order to start looking for your temporary home in a new country, be sure to register. In the profile, indicate your interests and position in life (this will help the owners better understand what kind of person you are, because don’t understand who you don’t want to let into your house either). If you saw an offer that interests you, do not hesitate and respond, since great houses usually fly like hot cakes.

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Do not pass up the opportunity to speak with the hosts on Skype, because such personalized communication will help you to establish better contact. If you are ready to become a “dog nanny”, be sure to tell about your own animals (if any) or tell how strong your love for them is. When planning to visit the country with friends and (or) children, do not forget to indicate this in your profile, because the house must have enough sleeping places to accommodate all of you.

By the way, children do not necessarily become an obstacle, but rather an additional advantage for a haussitter. Sometimes the owners of the house, who have children of the same age, do not even mind introducing them to foreign peers. Thus, haussitting can also turn into an express language exchange program.

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