Travel in 2021: major changes and discounts from airlines

The global coronavirus pandemic in 2020 caused significant losses for global airlines. Some of them even found themselves on the verge of bankruptcy. If we estimate the losses, for example, of all Ukrainian enterprises of the aviation industry as a whole, then, according to the calculations of the Aviation Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, they amounted to up to UAH 15 billion.

At the same time, experts predict that in 2021 the Ukrainian aviation market will “recover”. High hopes are pinned on summer navigation and the recession of the pandemic during the holiday season. Indeed, in fact, now it is already possible to fly around the world, except for some European countries. A complete recovery of the global and Ukrainian aviation markets to the level of 2019 in terms of passenger traffic, sales volumes, airline and airport revenues from air transportation is expected in 2024.

What is happening in the aviation market now?

Today, air passengers around the world are most concerned about several factors:

  1. Closing borders. For example, foreigners were banned from entering the EU as a whole without special visas (workers, students or family members).
  2. There has been a change in the behavioral model of air passengers. They do not feel safe because they are afraid of contracting the coronavirus while traveling.
  3. Some passengers have concerns about booking tickets due to the risk of loss of funds, due to illness on the eve of the trip or flight cancellation due to the unpredicted introduction of quarantine restrictive measures.

Which countries can you fly to today?

Many people mistakenly think that due to the coronavirus pandemic, air travel has become unavailable. In fact, today you can fly around the world, except for certain countries of the European Union. Moreover, airlines have already taken care of the safety and comfort of their customers. They offer hassle-free cancellation, voucher replacement, retention of earned miles, and a variety of loyalty programs.

The next question that arises among travelers: “Where can you still fly?” The list of countries where Ukrainians are allowed to fly for business and tourism purposes can be viewed on the official and constantly updated website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as in the “Restrictions” section on tripmydream.

It is also very important to take into account the rules for entering a particular country. This can be done at or Just enter the date of your trip, the destination you are interested in in the search engine and get basic information about travel documents. In addition, be sure to check the valid type of test required (PCR, antigen tests, LAMP, etc.), the conditions under which it was passed (laboratory, pharmacy, doctor, etc.), language and expiration date of the result.

At the moment, Air France-KLM, the largest air carrier in Europe, distinguishes among the most stable destinations:

  • Mexico
  • Cuba
  • Panama
  • Dominican Republic
  • South American countries
  • Aruba
  • Curacao
  • Tanzania (Zanzibar)
  • South Africa
  • Kenya

For example: Air France operates flights on the Kiev-Paris route and further around the world via the Charles de Gaulle hub. In turn, all KLM flights depart from Kiev to Amsterdam and further around the world via the Schiphol hub. In particular, 3 Air France flights to Paris flies from Kiev weekly (by the end of summer, the frequency will increase to 6 flights per week), as well as 14 KLM flights per week to Amsterdam.

You can book a $ 60 discount with Air France-KLM on the website or The discount applies to flights operated by Air France-KLM worldwide in Economy and Business Class. You need to book a ticket with a discount until 06/30/2021, and fly until 01/30/2022. The promo code UKRPROMO21 must be entered at the stage of payment in a special field “Is there a discount code or voucher?” and click “Add a discount code”.

Safety at height

Maintaining health during the trip is a very important and exciting issue for all passengers. Especially during a worldwide pandemic. Therefore, for example, Air France-KLM has introduced strict hygiene measures at the airport, on board, in the boarding and waiting areas. All aircraft cabins are thoroughly disinfected before and after each flight. It includes disinfection of all contact surfaces: passenger seats, serving tables, seat pockets, entertainment screen, remote control, overhead luggage boxes and toilets.

Also, before boarding the flight, passengers can undergo health checks in accordance with the requirements of local authorities (before departure or after arrival). As soon as a passenger enters the boarding area or aircraft, it is necessary to wear a medical mask that covers the nose and mouth. In addition, passengers are provided with a disinfectant napkin upon entering the plane. And on long-haul Air France-KLM flights – a hygiene kit. It includes a disinfectant wipe, a medical mask and a water-alcohol-based sanitizer.

In turn, the air circulation system, which includes highly efficient HEPA air filters, will provide maximum safety from various viruses. They are similar to filters installed in operating rooms, and therefore capture 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, including coronaviruses. Thanks to this cleaning system, the air in aircraft cabins is completely renewed every 3 minutes.

By the way, Air France received “4 stars” in the aviation security qualification rating from the international air transport organization Skytrax in December 2020. It assessed the hygiene measures taken by airlines on board aircraft and at airports in relation to Covid-19.

Special conditions

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. It should be noted that airlines have done and are doing everything possible to provide their passengers with peace of mind and maximum flexibility when booking tickets. So, say, Air France-KLM go to meet their customers and give them the opportunity to change award tickets for free and get a refund in case of flight cancellation. You can also reschedule your trip for whatever reason, or get a return voucher if you don’t want to fly, or get a refund if your flight was canceled. Moreover, even on the eve of departure, you can rebook a purchased ticket or exchange it for a voucher for a refund.

All members of the Flying Blue loyalty program (where the passenger receives Miles and bonuses for each flight) have retained their privileges and increased their status.


Based on the forecasts of experts, the world and Ukrainian aviation markets are gradually getting out of the loop. Most importantly, airlines go to meet their customers. They were able to restructure their business model of work, operational efficiency, and adapt them to new realities. And also provided unprecedented hygiene measures for their passengers.

2021, in fact, is a challenge for all market participants and can significantly reformat it. Therefore, “fasten your seat belts”, the aviation market is already taking off.