Travel Iceland in just a few clicks!

Yes, that is exactly how much you need to take part in the competition, and perhaps you will be lucky!

The Offtoiceland portal has announced a competition, following which the winner will travel to Iceland for free!

And he will not just go, but will receive a complete package for an unforgettable trip. So, the prize for the winner of the competition includes:

  • Direct flight from anywhere in Europe or North America
  • Rent a car for a week (almost free – the winner only pays for the insurance)
  • Warm clothes from partners Cintamani
  • Day tour of your choice
  • Northern Lights Super Jeep Tour
  • 2 tickets to Iceland Airwaves music festival
  • Dinner at one of the best restaurants in Reykjavik

It will be a whole week of unforgettable impressions!

All you need to participate in the competition is to subscribe to the Off To Iceland page and share this page on your Facebook. Those who are already 21 years old can take part in the competition.

Already on September 1st, the winner will be announced, who will go on a fabulous adventure!