Total reboot: how and where to recover from COVID

After defeating the virus, many dream of going on a trip, rushing to workout or just endlessly walking around their favorite places in the city. But in reality, strength and health are enough only to watch travel videos on YouTube and to send messages to relatives and friends about their well-being.

Yes, the disease has receded, but in fact, this is only the beginning of a long road to final recovery. After a viral infection, which leads to the depletion of immunity, affects the lungs, cardiovascular system, digestive system and even the nervous system, the body definitely needs rehabilitation.

Founder and CEO of tripmydream Andrey Burenok, who had been ill in severe form for almost a month, spoke about the importance of competent recovery after COVID.

“Doctors advise rehabilitation. Of course, it all depends on how you got hooked. In my case, this is a must. I have one of the most severe forms: 70% of lung damage, 4 days of unconsciousness on mechanical ventilation. In total, I have been ill for almost a month now. And my attending physician recommends going through a physical program to gently enter a normal life. I’m ready, ”says Andrey Burenok.

Rehabilitation after coronavirus is necessary for everyone who has recovered, regardless of the severity of the disease. Patients who have undergone moderate and severe forms of coronavirus pneumonia require compulsory comprehensive rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation therapy in combination with therapeutic measures is extremely important for improving health and improving the psychological state.

Recently Andrey was discharged from the hospital. Now he can finally hug his wife and children, whom he has not seen live for 28 days. The rehabilitation process will not be easy, but with the support of relatives it is possible to overcome everything.


After COVID, you will need to return to everyday tasks gradually, step by step. Doctors recommend minimizing the load. Those who were seriously ill should not go in for sports (up to six months), it is forbidden to fly for at least a month, it is imperative to monitor the heart, blood vessels, other organs, and replenish the elements necessary for the body.

Among the main recommendations of doctors are pine forest and fresh air. All this, plus good quality service, healing mineral water and, most importantly, a post-like rehabilitation program, which are few in Ukraine, can be obtained at the Mirotel Resort & Spa in Truskavets.

“I can’t fly on airplanes for at least a month, so my wife and I decided that the best option in Ukraine for me now is Truskavets. It is best to recover in local sanatoriums, since when moving to another climatic zone, adaptation can fail and chronic diseases worsen. Therapy in the conditions of clean mountain air helps after suffering pneumonia, as well as with concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular system.

There is a place in Truskavets where I have already been, probably ten times. This is Mirotel. I learned with interest that they have a special rehabilitation program, which I really need now. I think, if there is an opportunity, it is better to pass it, ”Andrey shared.


The specialists of the Medical Center “Med Palace” have developed the program “Systemic rehabilitation after COVID 19”. It provides for the necessary laboratory tests and procedures to restore the body.

The program is designed for 7 days and includes a number of tests, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy procedures, in particular:

  • medical massages
  • oxygen therapy
  • speleotherapy
  • ozone therapy
  • mineral baths and aromatherapy
  • Exercise therapy and many other events.

The rehabilitation program at Mirotel (a complete list of procedures is here) will help to cope with the consequences of the disease, restore efficiency and a positive attitude.

“On December 19, our big family was supposed to fly to Mexico for almost a month, but the trip had to be canceled. Now we will all go together to Truskavets. The most important thing is why I have chosen this resort for so many years – it is calm there. You arrive and you are in silence, it is clean fresh air, good doctors, excellent food and water. “


“You can drink water directly in Mirotel, you can go to the pump room, you can alternate. And, of course, an incredible number of procedures are offered. As soon as I got up at 6:30, I drank the first water, so until the evening, you take care of your health. I usually drink water before food and after meals (it turns out six times a day) and go through 3-4 procedures daily (you can take more). In reality, from the morning until the evening, you are doing something, all the time on your feet. As at work, and work on health is now my absolute priority. “

In Mirotel Resort & Spa in Truskavets, under the care of the best specialists and surrounded by nature, it will be possible to qualitatively recover from COVID, so that later, with a large supply of strength and inspiration, you will gently return to normal life.

How to accept life in any situation, what mistakes not to make and how to recover correctly, Andrey Burenok told in a video on his personal YouTube channel.