Travel and trips are different – from short weekend getaways to long winter stays in warm countries, which naturally implies a different degree of preparation and equipment. In our article we’re not going to be clever and write tips on packing suitcases or smartphones, but just tell you about things that are indispensable for traveling.

Gadgets for travelers

The stuff tracker

Stick a tracker to your keys, purse, bag, your luggage. It will allow you to quickly find things if you lose them, as well as let you know when you go out of range of the signal. You can use it not only for things, but also put it in your child’s pocket so you won’t lose sight of it in crowded places. Useful thing both at home and when traveling.

External Battery for your Phone

Nowhere without devices that require recharging. Portable charger is useful on the road, not only for smartphones but also for tablets, laptops and a long list of all kinds of energy-dependent “friends”.

Universal adapter adapter for power outlets

An adapter that will fit any foreign outlet. You can get a universal one or for a specific type of outlets used in another country.

Wi-Fi Signal Booster

This useful travel gadget for those who can’t imagine their life without the Internet. Work, check your email, chat in messengers, sit on social networks and post new photos on Instagram. The amplifier is useful in hotels, where Wi-Fi is often available only in the lobby and does not reach the rooms.

Universal SIM card

It’s a great thing for traveling. You insert it in your phone before departure, top up your balance and you are connected to the Internet in any country upon arrival. Like everyone else we use free Wi-Fi where it’s available (in the hotel, for example), but when you’re traveling and walking around we don’t bother about where to find the nearest place with Wi-Fi and use the internet through DrimSim. Also simka convenient for calls, the rates are much lower than the mobile operator in roaming. After returning home the remaining funds on the balance is not burned out and will be useful for your next trip.

Scales for luggage

Gadget for traveling by airplane. There is always the desire to weigh your luggage (suitcase, bag, backpack) to avoid trouble at the airport. Almost all airlines have a significant surcharge for excess weight, and emergency disassembly of the suitcase on his knees at the airport in front of the curious public – another pleasure. So a small and lightweight baggage changer will be a good helper.

Pouch for your laptop

Not quite a gadget, but an important accessory for it. If the trip is going to be long or related to work, be sure to take your laptops with you. Our laptops are always with us in backpacks, which we take as hand luggage. So protective cases for them always come in handy.

Charger bag

Endless cords for chargers for gadgets and other equipment, memory cards, batteries all in one place in a special case-bag and not scattered over the suitcase. Beauty and order!

Things for traveling by plane


The most necessary thing of a traveler of course a suitcase or even several – for hand luggage and in luggage. It is important that it be lightweight, durable and comfortable. Fabric suitcase usually allows you to take a little more things than usual because of the flexible frame (on the way back it will definitely be useful), but the plastic suitcase will provide more protection for things, and it looks more attractive.

Pouch for the suitcase

A useful thing by the way. The case will serve for a very long time. Bright – you will definitely recognize your suitcase from a thousand others, it will protect from dirt and take the whole blow upon itself – wash it after the trip and it is ready to go again! Incidentally catch a hitch: before leaving for the airport or right at the airport take a picture of each of your suitcases. And if one gets lost, the photo can greatly speed up the search.

Suitcase Strap Buckles

These straps can be used to attach a bag or backpack to the main suitcase. A small thing, but often comes in handy to free your hands from unnecessary things in the airport.

Vacuum and zip bags for clothes and belongings

How to fit everything you need in your suitcase? Vacuum bags for storing clothes will help (they are useful not only during traveling, but also at home). Transparent bags with zip-fasteners, waterproof bags for clothes and shoes, a set of travel bags for suitcases will create a nice order in a suitcase of any size!

Backpacking with theft protection

As you know, in all major tourist cities there is always thriving petty theft in transport and crowded tourist areas. And, of course, increased security measures to protect your valuables and documents from the encroachment of crooks will not be superfluous. Backpack – a very handy and useful thing in travel. But it is this backpack we want to distinguish from the general mass. Classic design (suitable for absolutely any age), quality materials, protection from water. But the most important thing that distinguishes this model from the other similar backpacks – all the locks are located behind the back under the straps. This excludes intentional opening without your knowledge.

Document organizer

Passports, tickets, change – everything you may need during a trip, at the airport or train station – can be put in a waist bag or travel organizer. It is convenient when everything is at hand.

Compression socks for the flight

Prophylactic compression socks useful during flights, as well as during long walks and excursions. They will relieve you from swelling and heaviness in the legs, improve blood circulation during long journeys and flights. Handy thing when traveling, I am nowhere without them.

Pillows for travel

During the flight or on the road you will need a comfortable pillow under the neck, and if the flight is long, then a sleeping mask, earplugs, soft slippers on the feet, a plaid. Speaking of blankets. It’s always better to take your own. Those that are offered in airplanes, washed not as often as we would like.

A handy lunchbox

A compact lunchbox or hermetic silicone bag is useful for a snack on the plane, and in general will not leave hungry in any trip. You will always be faithful to your healthy eating habits and preferences, whether you’re traveling on any scale, going on a trip to the countryside or on your lunch break at work. It’s important to choose containers made of quality and safe materials.

Stuff for travels at sea

Headwear for being in the sun

You can’t do without a hat, panama or baseball cap on vacation. Choose accessories that won’t take up much space in your luggage and won’t crumple.

Swimsuit and beachwear

How can you be without a new swimsuit for your upcoming trip or at least a flying cape for going to the beach)?


I love rashguards. In hot countries, an indispensable thing in which you don’t burn and look beautiful. Well and for fans of water sports – a must-have part of the closet: it dries quickly and protects from UV radiation while you’re on the waves.


Sunglasses are an important detail that will add charm and a touch of adventure to your look, regardless of whether you spend your vacation at the beach, on walks and excursions, or on a cruise ship.

Waterproof Messenger Bag

An indispensable item for active holidays at sea, especially for marine excursions. All items you need with you – wallet, documents, camera, phone – will stay dry and unharmed.

Comfortable travel towel

A must-have in our trips – a microfiber towel: lightweight, takes up little space, absorbs moisture well, dries quickly. It is also ideal for going to the pool.

The Liquid Iron

A new product that’s sure to come in handy on the road when you don’t have an iron handy. Spray it on a crumpled item, smooth it out with your hands and you’re ready to go.

Travel first-aid kit

You can’t do without first-aid kit in any trip. Of course there are pharmacies everywhere, but it’s better to have basic medications such as antipyretic on hand. Buy first-aid kit on AliExpress

Cosmetic bag

Have you found your perfect travel cosmetic bag yet? I have the best one so far – a cosmetic organizer with lots of compartments and the ability to attach it unfolded (everything will be on hand). It’s very handy to have reusable travel-size bottles for your favorite cosmetics that you can’t do without when traveling. They will not only make your cosmetic bag lighter, but also allow you to take it with you in hand luggage (remember the limitation – you can carry on board no more than 100ml each).

Cosmetics for flights and travel

How do you deal with dry airplane air? Moisturizing water in the form of a spray is good for moisturizing your skin, just regularly spray it on your face during the flight. By the way, it is better not to use thermal water during the flight, it shrinks the skin when it dries because of the minerals and salts it contains. Do not forget the lips (any balm will do) and hand skin. It would be nice if you take a hand sanitizer with a pleasant fragrance.

Do not forget the sunscreen and sun care cosmetics after tanning:

Soap in Plates

The thinnest bars melt instantly in your hands when they come into contact with water and turn into soapy foam. A very handy thing for any trip.

Travel accessories for children

Wristband for your baby

If you are traveling with a small child, we suggest buying a reusable bracelet on which you can write your phone number, hotel name, and other important information in case the child gets lost.

Bracelet for active kids

If you have an active baby, then look at this bracelet (comes in lengths of 1.5 to 2.5 m), which will not allow your child to run away and get lost in crowded places. In Asia, a very popular thing.

Baby rolling suitcase

Do you want your child to be able to carry (or rather roll) their own luggage, and do it with great pleasure? Cheerful rolling suitcases have long conquered the travelers with children.

Inflatable pot

Why didn’t we know about such a potty before? Until my son was 4 years old, a potty took up solid space in our suitcase. Sometimes I’d get bored with it and we’d fly out without one – then the first day of travel was spent frantically searching for an inexpensive potty in local stores. So I heartily recommend this inflatable potty.

Games for kids

What to occupy a child during a flight or on the road. Be sure to take something interesting that will occupy your child and even you. We always take a compact card game that will be interesting to the whole family. Stickers, coloring books, and just your favorite toys are good fun.

Children’s pillow for the flight

Just like adults, it is uncomfortable for children to sit for a long time on the plane or on the road. So a pillow will definitely come in handy. From experience, the most comfortable are those with which you can lie on your side. Plaid also take, on the plane is usually cool.

Kids Sunglasses

Sunglasses for kids will come in handy for vacations in sunny countries. Sunglasses with a flexible and durable frame and rubber band are suitable for kids, for older children – more stylish accessories, but with the same reliable protection from ultraviolet rays.

Toys for the beach

It is better to take with you, because in the resort places such trinkets are unreasonably expensive.

Insect Bite Remedy

Mosquitoes are everywhere, even in paradisiacal places. So take repellents and after-bite products with you. Without gel after a bite, we do not even leave home.

Children’s Panama with neck and ear protection

What can you do without a beach panama? Kids are better to choose models with enhanced protection.

Children’s T-shirt (rashguard)

Even if your child is not going to do water sports on the beach, this T-shirt or suit will come in handy. Kids are ready to spend all day at the beach, and renewing sunscreen after every bathing is quickly boring. Lycra will save – shoulders and back will not burn in the southern sun, while your child is digging in the sand or running waist-deep in water.

Kids swimsuit with foam

While planning another vacation this year, I came across this jumpsuit for swimming in the sea or pool. Suitable for both girls and boys. Keeps well in the water, my four year old appreciated (but you still need to watch while the child is in the water).