Top 20 useful things for a trip to the sea

If you are one of those lucky ones who will soon go on vacation somewhere where there is sun, sea and no endless messages in work chats – this article is for you. We have compiled a selection of useful things that will make your trip thoughtful to the smallest detail, and your rest as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

Looking through our list of things to travel to the sea, you are likely to think: “Why did I still not know about their existence ?!”. Do not be surprised, because many products from the selection cannot be found in Ukraine – they are sold on Aliexpress and iHerb. Fortunately, with the help of Nova Poshta Global, you can order goods from abroad as easily as from a neighboring city.

How to order goods from Aliexpress and iHerb?

  1. Log in to the Aliexpress or iHerb marketplace, and then add the selected product to your cart.
  1. Use the delivery of Nova Poshta Global on Aliexpress, when adding to the cart, select the parameters of the product (color, specification, size, etc.) and mark the delivery method “Aliexpress Standard Shipping”.
  1. After adding an item to your cart, Aliexpress will prompt you to select a pick-up point based on your home address. Having chosen a convenient branch, all that remains is to indicate the payment method and confirm the purchase with the “Checkout” button.
  1. On iHerb, add the item to the cart, and in the cart, mark the destination and delivery service Nova Poshta Global in the list that appears. After clicking the “Place an order” button, go to the “Delivery” window, choose a convenient point for issuing the goods. Then fill in the “Payment” section, in the “View” window, check the data and confirm the purchase.

Now let’s move on to our list.

1. Portable iron

With this assistant, you will look like a brand under any circumstances. This handheld steamer can iron clothes vertically and horizontally, weighs only 0.7 kg, and is suitable for silk, cotton, hemp and all other fabrics. And it also works very quickly – steam is supplied in 18-20 seconds.

Price – 1500 UAH

2. Sunscreen

Do you know that there are different types of solar radiation, from which you need to protect your skin in your own way? These are UVB and UVA waves. UVB acts instantly, causing burns or sunburn, the effect is stopped by clouds. UVA is long-wavelength, penetrates deep into the dermis, because clouds and clothes are not an obstacle for them. You need to protect yourself from such radiation regardless of the weather.

So a cream with SPF from radiation of the first type will help you tan evenly without burns, and IPD / PDD creams will protect against pigmentation or photoaging of the skin. We found a good product that does both. And in the reviews they write that makeup fits well on the cream.

Price – 470 UAH


3. Mosquito repellent bracelet

Sun protection is only half the battle on a trip to the sea. The sun goes down and our buzzing “friends” wake up. In order not to cover yourself with another layer of spray, you can wear a durable bracelet. This bracelet gives off essential oils that block the smell of carbon dioxide that we breathe, which attracts mosquitoes.

Price – from 15 to 19 UAH

4. Adapter (adapter) for sockets

Different countries have different electrical system standards, in other words, the sockets may not fit your chargers. Moreover, in Brazil or the Maldives, even from region to region, these standards differ. There are American, Australian, Japanese, European sockets – and this is not a complete list. So the adapter when traveling is a real must-have.

Price – from 45 to 270 UAH

5. Sun awning

There is something better than an umbrella against the sun. It is much more convenient to hide in its shadow, and it is just as easy to transport. The set includes support rods, a sand spatula in the tarpaulin retaining bags, and a bag.

Price – from 1905 to 3445 UAH

6. Anti-sand bedding

If you are annoyed by grains of sand clinging to your skin, which are difficult to get rid of, this bedding is a salvation. As soon as sand gets on the surface, it penetrates under the mat through special holes. Also, thanks to the waterproof fabric, this mat can serve as a raincoat for you in case of sudden rain.

Price – 250 UAH


7. Quick dry towel

Quick-drying towel relieves of the next “beach” irritant – in fact, an ever-wet towel. Although the fabric of such an analogue is synthetic (microfiber), in terms of tactile sensations it is very similar to cotton and does not cause any irritation.

Price – from 195 to 440 UAH

8. Swimming slippers

This is a special quick-drying shoe for swimming in waters where there is no clean sandy bottom, mainly on wild beaches. Such slippers are especially relevant for vacationers in Egypt, where sharp corals grow at the bottom or sea urchins lie. And if you don’t like walking barefoot on large pebbles and stones, they will also come in handy.

Price – from 340 to 395 UAH


9. Portable safe

This item solves the dilemma of where to put your belongings on the beach, by the pool or in the gym. You can fold up anything of value, put in a lock, and attach the safe to a deck chair or exercise machine.

Price – 935 UAH

10. Portable coffee maker

With this mini coffee machine, you can make yourself a fresh espresso anywhere – in the car, on the beach, in your hotel room. The machine works without electricity, by simply pressing a small pump. First, you need to put a capsule with coffee in the upper compartment, and pour boiling water into the lower compartment.

Price – 1515 UAH


11. Organizer for jewelry

Not a thing, but a temptation. The temptation to take your finest jewelry to the sea. There is no need to worry about how the trip will affect them. The design of the cover will not allow the chains to get tangled, and you will not have to give up a couple of incendiary dance and cocktail evenings.

Price – 55 UAH

12. Lenses on the camera

This lens kit will help you capture a tiny shell or scenic landscape as you see it. After all, how often do we want to transfer a live picture to a photo, and then we explain that “life was much better”. Forget about unreasonable expectations with new optics.

Price – 180 UAH


13. Sewing kit

This set has one good advantage – the magnetic cushion. A needle or paper clip is conveniently attached to it, nothing will be lost. The kit is tiny, but still holds enough spools of thread. Compact holders and sections will provide order inside.

Price – 240 UAH

14. Universal face remedy

This cream will replace several products at the same time (which is very important on a trip) – it can be applied for night care or in the morning, even as a makeup base. The hyaluronic acid in the composition will maintain water balance, and resveratrol will protect against destructive factors, especially from the sun.

Price – 310 UAH


15. Mini first aid kit

You won’t surprise anyone with this thing on the list, but it’s worth recalling. Weighs only 250 grams with all its contents: tweezers, gauze, alcohol wipes, scissors, bandages, plasters, etc. In addition, the medicine cabinet can be filled with other medicines. We talked about which medicines you should take with you in this article.

Price – 280 UAH

16. Pencil from stains

It is much more convenient to take such a pencil than a package of stain remover. You moisten the stain with water, spread it with a pencil – and with relief you watch how the pollution disappears. Of course, deep-seated or old stains will have to be left with the product for several hours.

Price – 185 UAH


17. Hair care

After frequent use of a hair dryer, dry air, exposure to the sun and sea water, you need to moisturize, soften your hair and provide it with thermal protection. For these purposes, we recommend a natural oil without harsh chemicals with Ayherb.

Price – 530 UAH

18. Belt waterproof bag

The thing is really multifunctional. You can put documents and a phone in a bag, and on the way home from the beach it is convenient to carry a swimsuit in it so as not to soak other things.

Price – 55 UAH


19. Wine cooler

This is not a basic necessity, but how appropriate it is at sea. If you want to organize the perfect dinner on the coast, take wine with you in a special cooler. Before using the cooler, put it in the refrigerator for an hour.

Price – from 375 to 400 UAH

20. Picnic mat

Let’s add one more find to make the dinner with wine one hundred percent successful. This is a convertible bag that converts into a spacious bedding.

Price – from 320 to 345 UAH

We wish you to discover the world of travel around the world and global shopping!