TOP 10 European cities with the cheapest hotels

Recently, a list of cities has been published whose hotels are most popular with tourists. As it turned out, relatively small settlements in Europe became the leaders.

Service for comparing prices for accommodation in different countries of the world trivago summed up the outgoing year and compiled a list of cities with the most affordable hotels.

So, TOP-10 European cities with the cheapest hotels:

  1. Zagreb (Croatia)
  2. Krakow (Poland)
  3. Warsaw Poland)
  4. Dubrovnik (Croatia)
  5. Belgrade (Serbia)
  6. Budapest, Hungary)
  7. Porto (Portugal)
  8. Lisbon (Portugal)
  9. Vilnius (Lithuania)
  10. Bucharest (Romania)

Low prices for accommodation in these cities are explained by the relatively small number of tourists who visit them, and, consequently, by the more individual approach of hoteliers to guests. However, major European capitals such as London, Paris or Rome continue to lead in terms of visitor numbers.

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