To the Maldives independently and on a budget: instructions

If the Maldives still seem to you, something distant and unrealistic, we have two options for you: the first is to continue to think so, the second is to understand that everything is possible, the main thing is to understand the issue and make efforts to make your dream come true. We will help you with the second point today!

Conditions of entry to Maldives 2021

Entry to the Maldives is currently open. Tourists must provide a negative PCR test for COVID-19, made no more than 96 hours before arrival. Help must be in English.

You also need to fill out a Travel Health Declaration on the official website of the Maldives Immigration Center. To do this, you will need a scan of the PCR test and a photo (a regular photo on your phone will do).

After completing this form, you will receive a QR code that you will need to present upon arrival in the Maldives. Important: the validity period of the QR code is 24 hours, so this is clearly not the case when you need to fill in everything in advance. Postpone this moment closer to departure – the procedure will not take much time.

However, even if the code expires, you can simply re-fill the form again.

Depending on which epidemiological zone the Maldives will be in upon arrival, it will be clear whether you need to do a PCR test or not. If the country is in the “red” zone – you need to do a PCR test or go through a 14-day self-isolation, if in the “green” – none of this needs to be done.

Visa for Maldives

For Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians, a visa to the Maldives is issued upon arrival and it is free. Such a visa is suitable for travel up to 30 days, but, if desired, it can be extended for another 60 days.

However, upon arrival, you need to pay $ 25 airport tax.

Flights to Maldives

Airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Flydubai fly from Kiev to Male. Prices start at $ 650, the average ticket price is $ 650-750. Of course, there are more affordable options, but in most cases these are either promotional offers or tickets with several transfers. Believe me, the € 50 saved is not worth the 30 hours of travel. So open the tripmydream flight search and find the best option!

Accommodation in the Maldives

Let’s start by choosing an island. There are 1196 islands in the Maldives, which are grouped into 26 atolls. All islands in the Maldives can be roughly divided into three categories:

  • Resort islands are islands that are wholly owned by the hotel.
  • For locals – this is just the case when you can visit the Maldives not for all the money in the world. These are islands such as Toddu, Maafushi, Ukulas and Digurah.
  • Uninhabited – for those who are haunted by the fate of Robinson Crusoe, but you can get there, if you want.

When booking a hotel on a resort island, we strongly advise you to choose half board (breakfast + dinner) or all inclusive – food on the islands is expensive, and there are no shops on the islands-hotels, so don’t make your life difficult.


We have already talked in more detail about which island to choose in this article.

If you are in the mood for a budget vacation, here are some options that will cost even less than a week somewhere in Arcadia in Odessa:

  • ilaa Beach Maldives – $ 204 (breakfast included) + taxes and fees
  • Pearlshine Retreat Maldives – $ 192 (breakfast included) + taxes and fees
    String Wave Maldives – $ 230 (breakfast included) + taxes and fees
  • Sandy Heaven Maldives – $ 265 (breakfast included) + taxes and fees
  • Gurus Maldives at Gulhi Island – $ 276 (breakfast included) + taxes and fees

Maldives transfer

And now about how to get to these coveted islands. There are two main options – a speed boat and a seaplane.

  • Speedboat is the most popular transportation in the Maldives. It costs an average of $ 25-30. For example, a trip to Toddoo Island will cost $ 40.
  • A seaplane is a more expensive pleasure, but it is not just transport, but an experience after which you will have impressions for a lifetime. Just imagine what beauty will open from the window of the porthole! The cost of a seaplane transfer varies from $ 200 to $ 450 depending on the distance.

Transfer services can be booked at the stage of hotel booking, and for hotels on resort islands, transfers are often included in the all inclusive package.

Important: a transfer in the Maldives is possible until 16:30, take this into account when planning your flight.

Insurance in the Maldives

It would seem that what could happen on such calm islands, but, believe me, you will be even calmer with her. And, if you can afford the Maldives, then you can also have insurance, no doubt 🙂

The insurance that covers COVID-19 cases can be purchased directly from our website.


Now let’s make an approximate budget:

  • Flights – $ 650
  • Hotel – $ 230 / week
  • Transfer (in both directions) – $ 80
  • Meals – $ 200-250 / week

Total: $ 1160 on average for basic expenses. Add to this spending on your other expenses and you get the total amount. Yes, of course, this is hardly a budget vacation in the traditional sense. However, in the Maldives context, this is a very nice price. For example, in the case of a vacation on a resort island, a deposit of $ 2000-3000 may be blocked on the card upon arrival.

Have you been to the Maldives before? Write in the comments!

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