Questions about Egypt can be a million – and in what month is better to rest, and in summer is the heat, and in winter is not cold, and whether you can swim, and when the wind blows less? So hurry up and read on – I’ll tell you all about it!

When is the season in Egypt for a beach holiday

🟢 The best months to vacation in Egypt are April, May, October, November. The weather, perfect for a beach vacation, is hot, but not too much like summer, the sea is warm. So here it is, the most tourist season in Egypt – the second half of spring and autumn. It will be good in Hurghada, and in Sharm el Sheikh.

But by experience you can have a great holiday in winter 🌬 (below we will tell you what to look for when choosing a hotel for the winter holidays), and ☀ in summer (also advise important nuances). Let me repeat – the bathing season in Egypt on the Red Sea coast all year round.

When is the best time for excursions

For sightseeing trips, autumn, winter and spring are suitable. Any time of year except summer – at this time it is difficult to go somewhere and see the ancient monuments under the scorching rays of the sun. And in winter, do not forget that the sun goes down at 5 pm.

Weather in Egypt by month

Egypt in Autumn (September, October, November)

Autumn is the perfect time of year for a family vacation in Egypt. It will be comfortable for everyone – both children of all ages and the elderly. 🟢 The best holiday season of the year, truly a beach season.

September in Egypt is a transition from a hot scalding summer to the most pleasant autumn period. Your vacation will have everything: heat, sun, maximum warm sea, relaxation on the beach, warm evenings and incredible sunrises. By the way, the most windless time on the Red Sea coast.

In October in Egypt is the beginning of a chic velvet season. +30 ° C during the day and still warm at night. The winds do not bother anyone yet. Here even no need to doubt – to fly to holiday in October and November without hesitation.

And as you know in November is also good. Egypt is a hit on the November holidays and autumn vacations.

Egypt in winter (December, January, February)

When to go to Egypt in winter and is it worth it at all? The answer is yes, but:

🟡 The winter months are windy season, so choose hotels in windless bays and better in Sharm el-Sheikh (a few degrees warmer and it’s noticeable!).

The windless and warmest bays and hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh are for a comfortable sea vacation in winter:

🐠 Sharm el Maya – perfect for winter, hotels with a children’s concept:

  • Albatros Aquapark 5. Beach Albatros Sharm 4.
  • Iberotel Palace 5*
  • Albatros Aqua Blu 4*

🐠 Ras Um El Sid – the beaches are sandy and the bay is securely surrounded by mountains:

  • Reef Oasis 5*
  • Faraana Reef 4*
  • Jaz Fanara 4*
  • Renaissance Sharm El Sheikh 5*
  • SUNRISE Montemare 5*

Naama Bay is the oldest and most developed part of the resort with a pedestrian street, restaurants, clubs and stores. It’s a fun place to spend your vacation. The bay is enclosed and beaches with sandy entrance for children:

  • Stella Di Mare 5. Novotel Sharm el Sheikh 5.

🐠 Sharks Bay – very good reef here by the way:

  • Sultan Gardens 5*
  • Grand Rotana 5*

Nabq Bay in Sharm el Sheikh is considered windy, there is a red flag on the beach almost all year round until lunch, and the tide is noticeable. But there are very cool hotels – for example Steigenberger Alcazar 5*, and two Rixos – family and adults only.

Is it worth going to Hurghada in winter and at New Year and are there hotels without wind. As we have already written, it is better to go to Sharm. But there are places in Hurghada where there is less wind:

  • Sunrise Royal Makadi 5*
  • Sunrise Tucana 5*
  • Prima Life Makadi 5*
  • Sheraton Soma Bey 5*
  • Kempinski Soma Bey 5*
  • Palm Royale Soma Bay 5*

🟡 The desert has a continental climate, so the temperature swings in winter are very noticeable. In the evening, night and morning you’ll probably want to throw on a sweatshirt or even a jacket, pants and sneakers until the daytime sun warms everything up.

🟡 Short daylight hours, it gets darker after five.

🟡 Rains are possible, but even in winter they are rare and very brief.

December in Egypt is warm, the first half of the month is nicer than the second half in terms of relaxing on the beach. The sea is cool.

Many people choose Egypt for the New Year. The question of course is controversial, some share their stories about how they were wrapped up in jackets.

My sister vacationed in Egypt in December almost every year. And in Hurghada, and in Sharm. It was always hot during the day, swimming and sunbathing. At 5pm the sun goes down and it instantly gets chilly, you need warm clothes. 🎄 We flew for New Year too, good impressions. In the hotels every day rich entertainment program, it was fun and not boring, and during the day the beach, sun, sea, fish.

January in Egypt – winter for locals, the end of the high season, but for tourists from Russia, this is not an obstacle. Popular at this time hotels with heated pools (by the way, almost all 5-star hotels heat pools in winter). From pluses – the sun is always and day enough warmly. But the day is short, the wind can be strong and cold, heat-loving will be unpleasant in the sea.

February on the Red Sea. You can go only to proven winter hotels in certain bays (we wrote about them just above ☝). There are sandstorms, especially in Hurghada, until March.

Egypt in Spring (March, April, May)

March in Egypt is windy and changeable in weather. As luck would have it, it can be hot or cool. Periodically there are winds blowing in from the desert and even sandstorms for 1-2 days. But the temperature on the thermometer steadily rises and gets warmer and warmer.

It’s already nice in April! The sun is getting hotter and the day is getting longer. It’s +30, a real summer and the beginning of the tourist holiday season in Egypt.

May in Egypt is wonderful. If in Greece and Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea is still cool and the water is too refreshing, here on the shores of the Red Sea is the beach season. But without the summer heat, which, alas, not everyone takes well.

Egypt in summer (June, July, August)

Summer in Egypt is naturally hot, Africa!

This summer, when Russian tour operators started to sell tours through Cairo, everyone agonized with the question – to fly or not to fly, is it possible and worthwhile to relax in the summer in Egypt. Someone was talking about the unbearable heat (usually from the point of view of the fact that in Egypt is already very hot in the spring, so what about summer). Others parried – summer vacation is quite ok, the heat is tolerated well because of the low humidity, in Turkey it is hotter.

I personally decided that I would not go to Egypt with a child in the summer. Yes, and I know that I can hardly tolerate temperatures above +30. Here everyone decides for himself. Are you sure of your health – why not.

In June in Egypt as in May, only hotter. And yes, the humidity is low, the air is dry and this is a definite plus. The sea is certainly incredibly nice, but the beach is better under an umbrella.

In hotels and excursion buses the conditioners save, but excursions in summer time certainly is that still test. For trips to antiquities is better to choose any other time, but not summer.

During July and August it’s hot in Egypt, the air is around +40 and the water in the sea reaches +30. How to escape the heat? It’s better to choose the rest in Hurghada and the nearest resorts or in Dahab, where the wind from the sea blows and at least a little refreshment.

In general, summer is the season for holidays in Hurghada! But in Sharm el Sheikh the weather is worse, without wind sometimes it’s just unbearably hot.

When to go to Egypt – conclusions


✓✓✓ – high holiday season

🔸 – intense heat up to +35 +40 °C
🔹 – low season with changeable weather

When did you vacation in Egypt and what was the weather like during that time? Share your impressions in the comments 😊