The quarantined traveler: what to do at home?

We hoped that this article would no longer be useful to us, but again – the government announced a weekend quarantine in Ukraine. But, since it happened, let’s look at it with optimism! Sometimes you need to limit yourself to something, so as not to get fed up and not lose taste for it. We hope our travel articles will inspire you for the future – and once all this is over, you will explore the world with even greater passion. In the meantime, grab a selection of ideas for things to do this quarantine weekend.

Take a virtual tour of the world’s museums

You cannot travel physically, travel virtually. Thanks to modern technologies, this can be done as easy as shelling pears, especially since the largest museums in the world have long acquired virtual tours. In this article, we have collected the most interesting museums in the world that you can visit without leaving your home. It’s quite possible to get to the Louvre without a queue, as you can see;)

Watch travel films that have been postponed

Looking forward to watching The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty and still not looking? Right now. In addition to this exciting tape, here you will find 12 films that every traveler should see.

French mood? Catch a selection of films about Paris. Do you miss Rome? Go there with these movies.

Also, starting from March 20, a selection of good movies from TV1000 will be released daily on tripmydream, so the question “What to see in quarantine?” can be considered closed.


Get inspired by the experiences of other travelers

It’s time to read the stories of travelers and get ideas for new trips from them. On tripmydream we have collected hundreds of stories about travels to various parts of the world – from Ukraine to the most remote corners of the world. Read and be inspired!

Read more!

Now the excuse “Not enough time to read” won’t save you. Arm yourself with a selection of good books and catch up. If you want something themed, find ideas on our recommended reading list.

Review all parts of the Expats project

The blogger and founder of tripmydream Andrey Burenok has already filmed two seasons of “Expats” – a project that tells about the life of our people who have moved to other countries of the world. From his video you will learn how our people live in large European cities, in Asian cities and on distant islands. It’s really incredibly interesting!

Take a virtual tour of unexplored cities

Long live progress! Thanks to Google Street View, right now you can stroll through Khao San in Bangkok, gaze at the skyscrapers in Times Square, get lost in the back streets of Montmartre, or stroll along the trails of Banff National Park in Canada.

Learn to cook a new dish

Take note of our gastronomic guide to key dishes from around the world and prepare something tasty and unusual for yourself and your loved ones. We guarantee the wow effect!

Plan new trips

The most pleasant! The crisis is not eternal, which means you can think over and plan routes for summer and autumn with peace of mind. You can always find the cheapest flights on tripmydream!