The largest bus carrier in Europe enters Ukraine

Great news for all those who like to travel profitably and are looking at the routes of low-cost airlines from neighboring cities.

As early as July 27, Flixbus, one of the largest European bus carriers, has been launching bus routes from Ukraine.

On July 27, night routes will be launched in the following directions: from Kiev, Lvov, Zhitomir and Rivne to 2 Polish cities (Krakow and Katowice) and 3 Czech cities (Prague, Brno and Ostrava). From August 10, day routes will be launched in the same directions.

Many travelers are familiar with Flixbus, since in fact it has been present on the Ukrainian market since 2016, operating flights from Lvov and Uzhgorod, but the partner company LEO Express carried out air transportation. Now Flixbus, in view of the increased interest of Ukrainian travelers to European countries, has decided to expand its base in Ukraine.

This is great news for travelers, as Flixbus fares are favorable, and besides, there are periodical sales, during which, for example, you can buy a ticket from Kiev to Krakow for only 5 euros.


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