The Cabinet of Ministers announced the dates of the lockdown in Ukraine

In accordance with the draft resolution, which will be considered at the meeting on December 9, the lockdown will be introduced from January 8 to 25, 2021.

Today, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will host a meeting to discuss the introduction of strict quarantine in the country. The meeting will begin at 14:00, and the final decision will be known in the afternoon.

According to the decree, during the period from 8 to 25 January strict quarantine will be introduced and a number of anti-epidemic measures will be in force.

What will be closed?

  • Educational institutions, except for preschool education institutions and special institutions.
  • Cafes, bars, restaurants will only work for takeaway and delivery. Public catering at the airports will work. In hotels, restaurants are prohibited from 23:00 to 6:00, except for the provision of catering services in the hotel room on request.
  • Shopping and entertainment centers, except for the departments with essential goods.
  • Food and non-food markets.
  • Entertaining establishments. The work of beauty salons, cultural institutions, fitness rooms, swimming pools, all public events, except for official sports, is prohibited.

It is noted that essential goods include:

  • foodstuffs, medicines, medical products, hygiene products, communication equipment, veterinary drugs, feed;
  • fuel;
  • activities for the provision of financial services, activities of financial institutions and activities for the collection and transportation of currency values;
  • the activities of postal operators, as well as medical practice, veterinary practice, the activities of gas stations (without food zones), activities for the maintenance and repair of vehicles, hairdressers and beauty salons by appointment;

Trading activity with other groups of goods may occur when it comes to order delivery.

Public institutions will be extended the permitted opening hours until 23.00, but settlement operations will be prohibited from 22.00.

Also, the Cabinet of Ministers recommended to establish a remote mode of operation from 11 to 21 January, if possible.

It will be forbidden to receive visitors in cinemas and cultural institutions with more than 50% of the seats in cinemas or halls occupied in each individual cinema or hall. At the same time, it is possible to place it with free space side by side, front and back.

Religious buildings and premises adapted for prayer needs will be able to work, provided that no more than 50% of the provided stationary seats are filled. At religious events without fixed seating and in the open air, a distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained between those present.

It is forbidden to receive visitors in museums and galleries if they do not provide an opportunity to limit the number of visitors in the hall at the rate of 1 person per 10 sq. meters of the room.

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