Gentle sun, palm groves, warm sea – all the charms of an exotic vacation can be found in the Dominican Republic. The country, located on an island in the Caribbean region, is famous for its wonderful climate. But before choosing a tour to the island paradise, you need to figure out where to rest best in the Dominican Republic.

All the Dominican coast is one solid beach, dotted with good hotels. However, areas of the island are still different from each other: the nature, interesting places, sports and entertainment opportunities. Information about popular resorts will prompt where to go as a family, where to arrange an active holiday or a romantic trip for two.

The Dominican Republic occupies the eastern part of the island of Haiti. It is located at the confluence of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. To the Dominican possessions also includes several small islands off the coast.

The country lies in a tropical climate zone, therefore it is suitable for beach rest all year long. The most popular resort areas:

  • Punta Cana
  • The northern coast: Puerto Plata, Cabarete, Sosua
  • Samaná Peninsula
  • South coast (Caribbean Sea): Bayahibe, La Romana, Juan Dolio, Boca Chica

Conditions are different everywhere – in terms of temperature, rainfall and even the amount of algae that the sea current brings.

The Caribbean resorts in the Dominican Republic have a hotter climate. There are coral reefs along the coast, so high waves and algae are almost non-existent.

The north of the island is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches are as beautiful as the Caribbean, but the waves are higher and the winter is cooler than at other resorts. Fans of surfing and windsurfing will definitely like it here.

The most advantageous position is Punta Cana – a resort area in the southeast of the island. It is located where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic.

Resorts of the Dominican Republic: a description and comparison

Choosing where best to go to rest in the Dominican Republic, you need to consider first of all your expectations from the rest – whether you need a calm and relaxed environment or vice versa parties and fun. What excursions do you want to go? What requirements to the beach and the sea? We’ll help you figure it out quickly and choose the perfect place for you!

Punta Cana

The universal vacation destination is recognized as Punta Cana. It is located half an hour from the international airport, which is convenient for tourists after a 12-hour flight. The climate here is less humid than in other parts of the Dominican Republic.

The local beaches are considered the safest on the island. The water is constantly warm up to +25+28ᵒ C. It is good to relax even in summer when the wet season begins throughout the Dominican Republic. Punta Cana always has less rainfall than other resorts. Algae on the beaches of Punta Cana occur, but in short periods, it is almost impossible to predict their appearance.

In addition to great beaches, Punta Cana is famous for hotels with excellent service. Among them it is easy to find accommodation for any type of holiday – family, romantic, adventurous. Those who like silence can choose a hotel in the “adults only” category. There are also young places where the emphasis is on discos and animation.
Those who dream of learning to surf should come to Punta Cana. There is an unusually beautiful beach Macau, where the training of beginners surfers. Low waves and smooth bottoms without corals – ideal conditions for beginner athletes.

Those who come for new experiences, exotic nature and excursions will enjoy visiting national parks and jeep safaris. Most excursions are held precisely from Punta Cana. There are unusual excursions to the adventure park, where you can ride a cable car. Children will love a visit to the Marinarium, a marine park in Punta Cana with fish and animals of the Caribbean Sea.

Evening Punta Cana – one continuous disco. All the bars and nightclubs are dancing zigigaray local dances – merengue and bachata. Entertainment shows are also held in the hotels themselves. If you like to have fun, be sure to visit the night show Coco Bongo (the ticket price already includes a transfer from the hotels of Punta Cana).


This beautiful resort belongs to the territory of Punta Cana. Its beaches are sheltered from the high waves by a large coral reef. Because of this, the ocean water here is always calm. Its temperature even in winter does not fall below + 26 ° C, which is ideal for beach holidays.

Bavaro is famous for its hotels, buried in the lush tropical greenery. It offers all the facilities you need for an interesting pastime – tennis courts, swimming pools, water parks and showrooms. Not far from Bavaro is Manatee National Park with the animals and plants of the tropical zone.

Holidays in Bavaro are often chosen by families with children – gentle bottom and low waves are ideal for bathing babies.

Uvero Alto

This is the quietest and most remote resort in Punta Cana, occupying 50 km of coastline. The beaches with atypical local golden sand are sheltered from the big waves by long reefs. The weather is always pretty windy, but the breeze becomes an advantage in the summer heat.

The sand here is exactly yellow, not white. And for many this will be a minus, as coming to the Dominican Republic still want to enjoy the bounty picture, the contrast of white sand and azure ocean.

In Uvero Alto, it’s better to go to those who prefer a quiet, measured rest. The resort was founded recently, so there are few noisy clubs, discos and beach trade. Between hotels stretch wild beaches, where you can swim all alone.

Resorts in the Dominican Republic on the Caribbean Sea

The southern part of the country has a hotter climate than the Atlantic coast. Low waves, calm sea, white coral sand, no algae – everything that beach lovers love! Resorts in the Caribbean Sea are slightly cheaper than the north, but not inferior to them in comfort and the number of various amusements.

La Romana and Bayahibe

The main “highlight” of La Romana – the preservation of Dominican antiquity. Tourists think they see the island as it was 300 years ago.

La Romana is a large town with supermarkets, schools and markets. In La Romana itself, there is only one major hotel, Baia Principe La Romana. Baiaibe is a small resort village, where most hotels of the resort area are located.

Dominicus beach in Bayahibe is one of the longest white sand beaches, ideal both for swimming in the classic turquoise shallow water and for diving and snorkeling! The beach is also known for its picturesque lighthouse and just mind-blowing sunsets.

Near La Romana is a famous landmark – the town of artists Altos de Chavon, built in the style of the 16th century. Old buildings, cobblestone streets, art exhibitions and stylized restaurants enhance the “immersion in the past” effect.

A boat trip on the Chavon River is a must. On its banks you can see tropical thickets, amazing animals and birds. Another interesting place to visit is the Cave of Wonders with stunning arches of stalactites.

Not far from La Romana is a huge national park, which includes the picturesque Saona Island. Divers love to visit Catalina Island with its beautiful coral reefs. From the port with cruise ships you can go on a sea tour of the Caribbean Sea.

La Romana is a good place to relax with the kids or a loved one. Romantic couples even have weddings in a picturesque ravine near the town.

Juan Dolio

Dreaming of finding an inexpensive resort in the Dominican Republic? The best solution is Juan Dolio, located in the center of the south coast. From here it is easy to get to the capital city, the famous natural attractions, from the airport is also not far (shuttle from the airport of La Romana about 30 minutes, from Punta Cana longer – about 2 hours).

Juan Dolio will suit those who like to relax away from the noisy parties. Three white beaches surrounded by palm trees are especially good in the winter, when the tropical heat subsides. Waves are not high, which is convenient for swimming with children. The water in Juan Dolio is warmer than in Punta Cana, always above + 26.

Boca Chica

This small town occupies a cozy lagoon fenced off from the waves by high reefs. The daytime air temperature never drops below +28ᵒ C. The optimum season for recreation is considered winter, when it rains little.

The most important advantage of Boca Chica – the sea. Warm, shallow, with shallow bottom, as if created for children’s swimming. Not for nothing the resort dubbed “the world’s largest bathtub.

But the choice of hotels in Boca Chica is not much, the resort is considered a place for a budget holiday. It is quite noisy, it is a popular resort among local residents (you can even draw an analogy with the Thai Pattaya). However, you can spend time in the traditional Dominican style, visit bars with local rum and cheerful dancing, go shopping in the nearby town
San Pedro Le Macaris.

Beginner divers will have just as much fun. The underwater world of the lagoon is amazingly beautiful. Diving into the sea, you can see not only exotic fish, but also sunken ships.

Resorts of the Dominican Republic on the Atlantic coast

Swimming in the ocean is an unusual pleasure. To enjoy it to the fullest extent possible on the northern shores of the Dominican Republic. Local resorts are located in the picturesque Cibao Valley. The beaches on the Atlantic Ocean attract tourists with pure water without algae and high waves. The northern shores of the Dominican Republic are an area where surfers have a great time, as well as couples with children if you need a quiet beach vacation.

Puerto Plata

Green mountains, turquoise sea, tropical forests and waterfalls – this is what the resort area of Puerto Plata looks like. It is located in the middle of the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Local beaches will appeal to all tourists: from keen surfers and divers to mothers with toddlers. Even the color of the sand varies – white coral alternates with golden, saturated with amber particles. The clearest water, marked by Blue Flag, the lack of algae and shallow bottom make the resort ideal for a beach holiday.

Families with children will enjoy the water park, which is 10 km from the resort. In the evenings you can have fun in the Fun City park, nightclubs or dance shows. There are many other activities around the resort:

  • funicular road;
  • safari;
  • historical excursions;
  • waterfall rappelling.


Not far from Puerto Plata is the colorful town of Sosua. It is one of the quiet resorts of the Dominican Republic, which is good to go in the summer. Here, in the north, it is cooler than in other provinces of the country.

Local hotels welcome anyone who appreciates a quiet holiday and enjoys lounging on the beach. There are not many hotels, but the beaches are some of the best and cleanest.

The resort is known for its natural attractions – caves, waterfalls, monkey park. And Sosua is also famous for excellent scuba diving and a vibrant nightlife.


Cabarete is one of the versatile resorts of the Dominican Republic, which is suitable for all travelers – couples, athletes, nature lovers or gastronomic tourism.

Young people from all over the world come here, attracted by windsurfing and kiteboarding championships and surf schools. The best season for them is February-March, when the ocean winds pick up the highest waves.
Active recreation continues on excursions to natural attractions. You can go to El Choco National Park, known for its lush jungle, amazing birds and bats. A memorable adventure will be a trip to the caves with underground lakes and stalactites of amazing shape.

Adding to the popularity of the resort famous nightclubs and discos. Many of them are located right on the beach. Latin American dances, live music, great wine and rum cocktails – what more do you need to get in the mood!


In the north of the Dominican Republic lies the Samaná Peninsula, a beautiful and undiscovered region separated from the country by a mountain range. Tropical forests, mysterious caves, and white beaches are just a few of the natural beauties of the area. There are hotels of different categories, restaurants, stores. True, tourism in Saman only develops, offering tours not so much. So the resort is ideal for independent travelers or for those who come to relax in the hotel and popular excursions are not interested.

There are several of the most popular resort towns on the peninsula: Santa Barbara, Las Terenas and Las Galeras. There are as many as 6 national parks nearby, including the legendary Los Aites. You can visit local waterfalls, the pirate island Cayo Levantado (where Bacardi rum commercials were filmed), coffee plantations, one of the most beautiful beaches Rincon (highly recommended to visit, it’s incredible). And the most interesting thing is the mating games of whales, which swim into the coastal waters in January and March.

Here are some more interesting places around Samana:

  • The town of Santa Barbara de Samana, with its colorful houses and cozy waterfront.
  • The town of Las Terrenas is a colorful resort, and in the evening and at night it’s a real fun place – everyone dances and drinks, but it’s also cool during the day. There are a few beaches with yellowish sand near Las Terrenas: the coolest is Bonita, where you can surf.
  • A place called Devil’s Mouth, where the water bursts out of the ground with great power, sometimes with water.
  • Zip Lines – tracks made over beautiful jungle.
  • El Limon Falls.

Dominican Republic: which resort to choose

Travelling is a pleasure, so the choice of location should begin with your own desires and abilities. So it is better to choose popular places (especially for the first trip), including:

  • Punta Cana;
  • La Romana;
  • Boca Chica;
  • Puerto Plata.

The beaches throughout the Dominican Republic are of good quality. However, if you are traveling with a child, choose an area with a gentle descent into the water. From this point of view would suit Punta Cana or resorts in the Dominican Caribbean Sea – La Romana ( Bayahibe) or Juan Dolio (besides, the Caribbean Sea is almost no algae on the beaches).

Young and merry people will be interested in beaches with music, bars and animation. There are many of these places in Punta Cana.

Those who prefer a holiday in the style of “luxury”, with expensive food and high service, we recommend Cap Cana and Casa de Campo. There are many elite entertainment such as yachting, equestrianism and golf, there are spas.

Water sports enthusiasts should choose the Atlantic coast. High ocean waves – the dream of an experienced surfer. Puerto Plata is compared to Bali or Sri Lanka.

Beginning athletes are better to choose resorts on the Caribbean coast. The waves are lower and the underwater adventures are no less – there are reefs with rich fauna, underwater caves and shipwrecks. Ideal places for snorkeling are Boca Chica and the islands along the Caribbean coast.

If you go to the Dominican Republic for excursions and entertainment (including water parks, children’s parks), most of them in Punta Cana.