Why fly to the Dominican Republic? Of course for the beaches: beautiful, endless, as if from a picture. We will tell you about the best beaches in the Dominican Republic with white sand and the clearest water, good beaches for children, as well as ideal spots for surfing and snorkeling.

There are a lot of beaches in the Dominican Republic – the coastline stretches for almost 1,300 km. The country is washed by the Atlantic in the north and east, with the calmer Caribbean Sea in the south. The republic also includes several coastal islands. All beaches are perfect in their own way:

  • There are popular beaches, where everyone sunbathes and strolls along the coast, stops at restaurants and souvenir stores.
  • There are also secluded beaches – there is only the sea, palm trees and you. They are usually located either in fashionable resort areas, or a little away from the main resorts. Since the Dominican Republic is often chosen as a place for a wedding ceremony or honeymoon, it is these semi-wild beaches are suitable to capture your romantic vacation in the Dominican Republic in photos.
  • Most beaches in the Dominican Republic are covered with amazingly white, clean and fine sand, which even in the heat of the day does not heat up. Against this sand the sea water is fantastically beautiful azure color.
  • There are beaches with yellowish sand, and they are also cool. About all the best beaches with white sand and sand of other shades we will tell a little below.
  • Do you like drive and waves on the beach – there are such beaches in the Dominican Republic, look for a place on the north or east coast of the country, where the Atlantic Ocean.
  • If you prefer to swim in calm waters, the best choice would be beaches on the Caribbean coast in the south of the Dominican Republic, where there are a lot of coves, safely surrounded by coral reefs.
  • In the Dominican Republic, as elsewhere, there are beaches with different ways into the sea – the shallower and gaining depth, which are great for swimming children, or those where there is depth and you can swim not only in shallow water.
  • If water activities for you are not limited to just swimming, there are places in the Dominican Republic, well suited for snorkeling, diving, surfing and windsurfing.

And now – details about the best beaches in the Dominican Republic with photos and panoramas. We will tell you about each beach, its main advantages and features. You need to decide which resort to choose, and fly to your vacation!

The best beaches in the Dominican Republic: North, East and South Coast

Beaches on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic

Playa Grande Beach

Located in the north are such popular resorts as Puerto Plata and Samana, all of which are washed by the Atlantic Ocean.
Playa Grande Beach is located in the resort area of Puerto Plata. The typical Dominican beach is long, with fine sand of an interesting yellowish-red color and bright turquoise water. It can be crowded and noisy on weekends as the locals come to relax. The beach has facilities such as a cafe with local food (cooked fish and seafood), sun loungers and umbrellas, showers, rental equipment for scuba diving and other water activities. There are frequent waves, undercurrents and even storms, so you must be alert. You can find small shoals with calm water, where it will be safe with children, but they are few. The scenery is amazing – palm trees, the unusual color of the ocean water, rocks. You can arrange a romantic photo shoot or just meditate and listen to the sound of the surf.

Beach Playa Dorada

Playa Dorada Beach is an isolated beach in the resort of Puerto Plata that impresses tourists with its clear aquamarine water in contrast to the white sand. In fact, it is a complex of several 4-5* all-inclusive hotels, golf courses and tennis courts. On the beach rest mostly guests of these hotels, so it is very quiet. Playa Dorada is perfect for a relaxing holiday with the whole family, swimming, strolling along the water’s edge, meeting the sunrise and sunset. The place is also suitable for diving and snorkeling – there is a coral reef nearby. There is a kitesurfing school on the beach for those who like to be active.

Sosua beach

Sosua beach in Puerto Plata is located near the airport and is quite popular. There is a buzz of life here, with restaurants, bars, stores and all the conditions for a beach holiday. Along the coast there are groves where you can take shelter from the sun in the shade of palm trees.

Cabarete Beach

Cabarete is a beach for surfers, windsurfers and kite surfers in Puerto Plata. It’s more a place for atmosphere and partying than a relaxing and quiet holiday. A swim for your pleasure is also unlikely – the water is lively and the waves are of course. Can attract a cozy area with cafes, restaurants, bars with live music, it will be especially nice to spend an evening there at sunset. In both sides of Cabarete there are many similar beaches for water activities – Kite Beach, Encuentro.

Playa Grande between Rio San Juan and Cabrera

There is one more beach Playa Grande between Rio San Juan and Cabrera, here is as on a picture in the magazine and at the same time not so crowded. Soft honey-colored sand, water of incredible shades and beautiful waves. The beach is framed by palm trees, there are cafes and toilets, showers and changing rooms, which are hidden in the greenery and do not spoil the view. This beach has pronounced tides, so check the information before you visit.

Las Terrenas beach

Las Terrenas beaches on the SamanĂ¡ Peninsula. More precisely, there are several beaches near this town: one beach flows into another, the sand everywhere is yellowish, not white. All beaches near Las Terrenas reminds something of Sri Lanka, only with less waves. We liked Bonita beach the most, with fine golden sand and a flat bottom. It’s a paradise for surfing, although it’s still a paradise for everyone. The beach idyll – walk, sunbathe, swim, catch a wave, enjoy the sunset. There is no fuss of popular beaches with intrusive sellers of souvenirs and baiters. I also liked the beach Koson, which is just made for long walks along the ocean. The natural beauty of the coast – without too much noise and tourist “tinsel. There is also a cool viewpoint on the palm plantations and several beach restaurants.

Las Galeras

Las Galeras is another resort on the SamanĂ¡ Peninsula, smaller than Las Terenas. From here you can take a boat to the charming Rincon beach or to 2 beaches closed in the bay: Madama and Fronton. Las Galeras beach itself is unremarkable, but a 15-minute walk from it is Playa La Playita beach – small, semi-wild and secluded, with white sand, a gentle entrance, no wind or currents.

Playa Rincon Beach

Playa Rincon Beach on the Samana Peninsula is one of the best white sand beaches we have seen in the Dominican Republic. Imagine – a bay surrounded by mountains and coconut palms at the very edge, a serene tropical landscape. This semi-wild beach is located a few kilometers from the village of Las Galeras. You can get there on your own by car (some even walk), by cab or book a transfer at a local travel agency (there are boat tours to several wild beaches near Las Galeras). The infrastructure is modest, there are no hotels, but there are a few cafes and even sunbeds (paid). On the right side of Rincon beach there is a river with amazing turquoise water and mangroves, you can rent a boat. On one side of the beach, the water is calmer and you can go snorkeling. On the north side there are waves, you can enjoy surfing.

Fronton Beach

Fronton Beach is pretty hard to get to – the most convenient way is by boat from Las Galeras. But this secluded spot in the middle of rainforests and cliffs is worth it – the views are extraordinary. You can swim with a snorkel, but be careful – on the bottom there are sea urchins and sharp fragments of coral. Here you can meet the sunrise, just do not forget to bring food and water (unless it is not included in your tour, there are no stores).

Madama Beach

Madama Beach is another hard-to-reach beach near Las Galeras. You can get there on foot through the rainforest (an adventurous 40-minute walk) or by boat. On weekdays, chances are you’ll be alone on the beach.

Cayo Levantado

The beach on the island of Cayo Levantado with one single five-star hotel is quite popular with tourists. It’s common to swim here with a tour and spend a couple of hours of free time on the public beach. The beach has a sharp slope of the shoreline and a fairly narrow strip of sand fringed with tropical vegetation. An island for relaxation!

Beaches of the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic

In the east of the country the center of attraction is of course Punta Cana and its surroundings, where there are many first-class 4-5* all-inclusive hotels. Most of the resort area is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, but the influence of the Caribbean Sea is felt closer to the south around Cap Cana.

Macao Beach

Macao Beach is just north of Bavaro. It is quite easy to get to it – by cab, rented car or as part of an excursion. There’s only one hotel here so far (it’s new, started receiving guests in February 2020), so hurry to enjoy the natural beauty of nature and the majestic Atlantic Ocean. Soft yellowish sand covers the entire beach, and the shore is surrounded by mangroves and palm trees. The beach pictures are mesmerizing, which is why Macao Beach is used for photo shoots and wedding ceremonies. Such photos from the Dominican Republic will keep warm memories. There is often wind and waves – good conditions for surfing, even for beginners.

Arena Gorda

Arena Gorda is one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana. It has everything for a perfect beach holiday: white, always cool sand, clear water and its incredible shades and iridescence, the possibility of privacy with just a short walk along the coastline, palm trees, which give natural shade in any heat. You find yourself seemingly close to civilization, but at the same time you are immersed in the pristine beauty of nature. The Atlantic Ocean, not the sea – so there are waves and wind.

Playa de Arena Blanca in Punta Cana

Playa de Arena Blanca beach in Punta Cana is beautiful and long with fine light flour-like sand. The ocean is slightly quieter than at Arena Gorda. Although all beaches in the Dominican Republic are public, but this beach is guarded, access is only for residents of nearby hotels.

Bavaro Beach

Bavaro Beach is located north of the center of Punta Cana. It has a clean shore with pearly coral sand and also a calm Atlantic Ocean – protected from the waves by a coral reef. The coastline is long, in some areas are placed beds belonging to specific hotels, but the beach is public. Bavaro is crowded and noisy, this beach is one of the most popular in the Dominican Republic. Restaurants, souvenir stores, dozens of large hotels, entertainment for adults and children.

Juanillo Beach

Juanillo Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Several kilometers of white sand dotted with tall palm trees and a turquoise sea. The beach is located at the confluence of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, so the water is much calmer and there are few waves. The beach does not have many public amenities, but it retains the natural beauty of this place. Located on this beach in a closed area for millionaires – Cap Cana. You can come here with a tour, it is possible to negotiate with the guards at the entrance to Cap Cana. Juanillo Beach hosts photo shoots and wedding ceremonies.

Caleton Beach

Caleton Beach belongs to the luxury hotel Eden Rock, so there is a fee to enter. The beach is located in a blue lagoon, covered on one side by picturesque rocks. And of course there is the signature Dominican white sand and palm trees. Tranquility is everywhere – enjoy the surf all by yourself.

Beaches of the southern coast of the Dominican Republic

The south of the Dominican Republic is home to popular resorts such as Baiaibe, Juan Dolio and Boca Chica, as well as the capital, Santo Domingo. The shores are washed by the calmer Caribbean Sea and are often protected by coral reefs.

Boca Chica Beach

Boca Chica beach is considered a family resort. There are almost no waves here thanks to the coral reef, the depth is shallow, the water is always warm, and the beach itself is covered with soft white-golden sand. Boca Chica is one of the most budget resort areas of the Dominican Republic, and on weekends the beach is filled with locals who come for vacation from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. It’s noisy, fun, and very colorful, with some comparing Boca Chica to Thai Pattaya.

In 2021, the local media wrote that it is not safe to swim on the beach in Boca Chica because of the flow of sewage. So if you still want to vacation in the Caribbean, choose La Romana and Baiaibe.

Guayacanes Beach

Guayacanes beach is located in the Juan Dolio area. It is a quiet beach in a fishing village with calm sea and fine sand. Yes, it does not stand out for its special beauty, but it is ideal for holidays with children.

Minitas beach

Beach Minitas is located in the elite town of Casa de Campo in the province of La Romana. This is a private area with a paid entrance. The sand is golden in color and palm trees, palm trees, palm trees. The depth in the sea grows gradually, so there are all conditions for children. The beach area with sun beds, umbrellas, showers, cabins for changing, toilets, entertainment for children and adults, there is a restaurant and bar.

Bayahibe Beach

Bayahibe beach is located south of La Romana in the village of the same name. Coconut grove, fine white sand, calm Caribbean sea, wide shoal and a relaxed atmosphere. Walk a little further along the coast, it will be quite deserted and you can go snorkeling. It is from Baiaibe Beach that the boat tours to the islands of Saona and Catalina depart, so it can be lively in the morning and afternoon during departure and return.

Dominicus Beach

Dominicus Beach in Bayahibe delights with its pleasant white sand and cozy palm groves. This beach was the first to be awarded the Blue Flag for its particular cleanliness. There are several big hotels, restaurants and souvenir stores. Families with children choose Dominicus beach – shallow entrance to the sea and shallow depth, soft waves. At weekends it can be crowded, everyone wants to relax in a pleasant place. The village is located near the national park and is an attractive place for lovers of eco-tourism.

Beaches on the island of Saona

Beaches on the island of Saona – is a calling card and the main tourist location of the Dominican Republic. The perfect white sand, clear water, mangroves and tropical forest. On the way to Saona, tour boats stop at the natural pool, a shoal in the middle of the sea, where you can see sea stars.


The beach on the small uninhabited island of Catalina can be visited with a tour (boats leave from Baiaibe Beach). The island is surrounded by a coral reef, so it is interesting to snorkel or dive.