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To the Maldives independently and on a budget: instructions

To the Maldives independently and on a budget: instructions If the Maldives still seem to you, something distant and unrealistic, we have two options for you: the first is to continue to think so, the second is to understand that everything is possible, the main thing is to understand the issue and make efforts to …


Holidays in the Maldives: which island to choose?

Holidays in the Maldives: which island to choose? Maldives is the best remedy for blues and vitamin deficiency. We wish everyone who dreams of a paradise vacation on the islands to fulfill their travel desire as soon as possible and choose the right place for relaxation. The Maldives includes 1192 islands, including uninhabited, local and …


Best beaches in Maldives

Browse the best Maldives beaches and hotels nearby. Prices for hotels and tours. Imagine an emerald necklace with a snow-white edging, lost in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. This is how the Maldives look from above. Thousands of people fly to the best beaches of the Maldives every year to plunge into the …


Holidays in the Maldives with children

How to organize a vacation in the Maldives with children. When to go. Which resort to choose. The best hotels equipped for guests with children. Prices for tours, hotels and air tickets. Do you really want to visit the paradise island, admire the wonderful fish and coral reef? Drive to the Maldives. All this and …


Sights and excursions in the Maldives

An overview of the 19 top attractions in the Maldives. Cultural and natural attractions of the islands. What to see in Male and other atolls. Transparent sea, white sand and colorful photos against the backdrop of palm trees and mangroves. This is how the brochures describe the fabulous Maldives, the attractions of which are created …


Prices for holidays in the Maldives

Review of current prices for holidays in the Maldives. The cost of tours, hotels, air tickets, excursions. food prices in supermarkets. How much money to take with you. A pipe dream, beautiful and inaccessible, is seen by most tourists to rest in the Maldives, the prices are really high. It seems that only the wealthy …