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Finland opens up for travelers: conditions named

Finland opens up for travelers: conditions named Finland will open to travelers on July 12, but certain conditions will have to be met in order to enter. According to Reuters, the country has opened up to travelers who: completed a full course of vaccination and have a vaccination certificate; have had Covid-19 and have a …


Holidays in Finland with children

How to organize holidays in Finland with children. Weather. How to get there. Things to do. Prices for hotels, tours, air tickets. What is it like – vacation with children? How to captivate a child in the land of fairytale heroes and “thousand lakes”? If you have not yet figured out where to go on …


What to buy and bring from Finland

What can be brought from Finland to Russia. Interesting things to buy in Finland: souvenirs, clothing, vitamins and cosmetics, food, household goods. Rules and restrictions on the export of goods from Finland. According to the established tradition, returning from a trip, tourists try to buy gifts for friends and relatives or a memorable thing for …


Insurance to Finland

All the necessary information about insurance in Finland: how much it costs, where and when to get it, how to use it. Book a hotel on time, pay for excursions, come up with an interesting route – the things that we travelers solve in the first place, and such routine tasks as insurance are sometimes …


Holidays in Finland in spring: in March, April and May

Features of rest in Finland in March. Weather, current prices for tours, hotels and flights. Things to do. “Finland is for those who like to” go extreme “on the snow slides and those who endure frost …”. Many people think so, but besides this there are also magnificent landscapes, medieval castles and many other amazing …


Holidays in Finland in the summer – the perfect vacation

How to spend your summer vacation in Finland. Which summer month is better to choose for a trip. Prices, what to see, ways to relax on a budget, where to go and what to do. Finland in summer is one of the most interesting destinations for which you can spend your long-awaited vacation without regret. …