Spain starts testing green passports

The country is preparing to welcome foreign tourists from June. The Spanish authorities are planning to allow entry to tourists from the UK.

This was stated by the Minister of Tourism of the country Fernando Valdes Verelst. “Green passports” will begin testing in May this year.

Despite the fact that the epidemiological situation in Spain is rather tense (the country ranks ninth in the world in the number of infected), the authorities are striving to find safe solutions for the return of tourists. The country’s government previously announced that it plans to allow all vaccinated travelers who will receive a “green passport” without quarantine.

“In June, Spain will be ready to use the digital certificate. In May, we are running a pilot program at all of our 46 airports. We will give confidence to all travelers. In June, Spain will be ready to inform the whole world that the country can be visited, ”said Verlest.

Earlier, representatives of Barcelona also spoke about the opening of the country for tourists in June, indicating four conditions that must be met by the summer: vaccination of more than 70% of the local population, the introduction of “green passports”, the relief of coronavirus restrictions within the country and the lifting of the travel ban other countries, explained the executive director of the Barcelona Tourism Consortium, Marian Muro.

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