SkyUp announced the threat to passengers of the absence of a mask on board

Air carrier SkyUp has updated the rules for being on airplanes during the flight. Wearing a mask is now mandatory, and the airline has imposed sanctions for breaking the rules.

Sanctions include a verbal warning, forced landing at a nearby airport, handing over a passenger to the police, and a travel ban for up to 3 years. Removing the mask is allowed only during meals and drinks.

“When a passenger buys a plane ticket, he agrees to interact with the airline while the flight is in progress. For our part, we always strictly adhere to our obligations, ”notifies SkyUp.

The crew responds promptly – first a verbal comment. Then, if the requirements are not met, a written warning is given. After that, measures of restraining the passenger are already applied, including restricting movement.

SkyUp also stated that otherwise the passenger will have to compensate for the costs resulting from the offense. In the event of an emergency plane landing at the nearest airport, the costs can reach several thousand dollars.

We also remind that SkyUp will operate special flights on five routes from Kiev and Lviv to European cities in December and January. The Ukrainian carrier announced this on its Facebook page.

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