Several ways to travel for free (or almost free)

Is travel a luxury? Do you need to be incredibly wealthy to travel the whole world? Down with outdated stereotypes! TRIPMYDREAM offers you ways to make travel your way of life, without having astronomical costs.

Actually, the first thing that comes to mind when looking for budget solutions is hunting for discounts. And if you want to learn how to travel cheap – you have to master this art thoroughly. First you need to join the “loyalty clubs”, “loyalty programs” and other gingerbread from air carriers, hotel chains and other things.

In the era of modern communications, there is no better way to keep yourself connected with great deals than signing up for an email newsletter. Even if you are annoyed with daily sales letters to cramps, keep a separate box for them and check it a little more often than on the eve of vacation. You may find your inspiration there. By the way, tripmydream sends weekly the most profitable and interesting trips for the coming period. If you want to be the first to know about discounts, subscribe to our newsletter.

If free miles from airlines or large discounts from operators are useful to you literally on every trip, then there are optional things – for each new country. For example, we have already talked about the endless benefits of a tourist card. Today, such a card exists in most major cities in the world – your task is to find it, and then enjoy free access to attractions, travel, discounts at hotels and rental points.


Another surefire way to travel on a budget is to make money along the way. At the moment, there are a huge number of proven international programs that allow citizens of any state to go to work abroad, and in their free time to explore a new country.

The two most popular similar programs for students and youth are Work & Travel and Au Pair. Within the framework of the first one, the participant is found work (mainly for the summer), based on his language level. The second provides for living in the house of a foreign family (mainly for a period of a year or more). The au pair is most often responsible for looking after the children or the house, for which they receive pocket money, as well as attend paid language courses.

In addition, there is an opportunity to get a job outside the programs. For example, in Australia and New Zealand, farm workers are almost constantly required. Seasonal ski workers and cruise ship staff are also good at juggling travel with work.


Another incredibly useful skill for the traveler who values ​​their wallet is open communication. It is thanks to acquaintances in a foreign country that you can find upon arrival not only free accommodation and a free guide to “insider” places, but also a real friend for many years.

The most popular intermediaries in this business will be the couchsurfing and house sitting movements. With the help of couchsurfing, you can find a free sofa or a guest room from hospitable hosts anywhere in the world. Haussiting also offers to become the owners of the house for a while, we have already written in more detail about him earlier.

Not entirely free, but quite an economical alternative to accommodation abroad for a traveler will be a hostel. Choose large guest rooms and it will cost you a penny for the night. In addition, European hostels are often presented in such a wide conceptual lineup that any large chain will envy.

A relatively new player in this arena is the British Camp In My Garden program. As you might guess from the name, the British family will allow the traveler with his campsite to settle in their yard. In this case, the right to use the master’s amenities is assigned to the guest.


Free walking tours can also be a good alternative to paid sightseeing tours. They are arranged by local enthusiasts, often such walks are thematic or performed in the form of quests, and therefore much more exciting than the standard “look to the right”. The easiest way to find them is all in the same couchsurfing or house sitting communities, or in the almighty Facebook – a treasure trove of free utilities.

In addition, experienced travelers are advised to give up restaurant and cafe gatherings, if you have the opportunity. One or two exits in gastronomic research is good, but consistent practice makes up a significant portion of the travel expense. Therefore, make sure that in the place where you are going to stay, you have the opportunity to cook your own food. Ask the locals where they buy food – buy everything you need there and cook like at home.

Eatwith or Meal Sharing small food parties are another great way to experience local cuisine. There is a small fee, the same for each guest (determined by the host), and everything else is completely free. You can also choose from a variety of dishes on offer (usually it is indicated in advance what the host is going to cook) based on your own preferences.

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