Secrets of the right baggage

“What if it comes in handy?” – we often ask ourselves, collecting luggage for a trip. At this pace, you can easily find yourself somewhere on the ocean coast without sunblock or a charger for your mobile, but with an umbrella and hair tongs, carefully arranged in a precious place designed for something useful.

Gable denims

We have collected some simple tips to reduce the risks of such a situation.

So, in order to pack your suitcases rationally, compactly and in all respects, we:

Turning on prudence

girl packing suitcases
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This first point is probably worth starting before your hand reaches the first thing. First, have you made a list? Well, yes, boring, of course, but this simple organizational moment will help you avoid rash “suitcase investments”, and it is also quite possible to remember in the process of writing something from the unfairly forgotten.

When compiling it, consider some necessary factors. For example, if you are going to fly, carefully study the rules of the airline you are going to use. In accordance with the prescribed standards, complete the carry-on baggage and the overall part that will go to the luggage compartment.

By the way, there is nothing wrong with asking for help when starting this difficult task. For example, do not shy away from the numerous baggage collection video tutorials featured on YouTube in a wide variety.

Also, share your burden with your neighbor – literally. When going on a trip with a company, it makes sense to share some things between all of its participants. For example, in most cases, you can do just one toothpaste or sunscreen.

Remember to take the necessary steps to keep your suitcase safe. In addition to the luggage tags (carefully and legibly filled in), we also recommend that you put a note with your name and coordinates at the destination with your belongings. Experienced travelers are also advised to photograph their luggage prior to departure. Such pictures can become your lifesaver in case of loss of luggage and subsequent proceedings.

Avoiding unnecessary things

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Oh, how difficult it is to part with things that are dear to your heart when you hit the road. But, for example, it makes sense to take clothes for all four seasons only if during your trip all four weather will catch you, which is extremely rare. If you have tickets to the islands with 350 sunny days a year, you can leave a voluminous sweater with daisies (even if it was knitted by your beloved grandma) at home.

Let’s agree, in addition to the basic set, to take with us only what we cannot purchase upon arrival in case of emergency, without losing half of the budget.

For example, it is not at all necessary to take half of the wardrobe with you, even if the moment does not turn up to show off in it. Let’s say we pack a woman’s wardrobe at the rate of 1-2 outfits for one day of a trip, where 1 is an average “beach girl”, and 2 is an experienced socialite.

It is worth considering that we are talking about sets of clothes, therefore, by choosing more practical and compatible things, you can significantly reduce their total number. We add to this 3 pairs of shoes, of which 2 should be maximally adapted to hiking conditions.

We take tricks into service

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I can imagine how the hearts of some of the fair sex sank at the sight of such a “Spartan” list. Nothing, nothing, there is also a backup plan – tricks and tricks to slightly expand the capabilities of our travel bags.

For example, if you entrust the fees to your mom, she will probably put everything in neat piles. At first glance, this is the most compact and tidy method, but, as it turned out, there is a superior alternative to it:

1. Advanced people in luggage matters advise to roll clothes into rollers. This method eliminates the disadvantages of the classic “stacks” – no bends are formed on the clothes, and the suitcase space is filled with greater density.

2. We also advise you to forget about the habit of putting all the vials, bottles, bubbles in one package – it is better to fill in the “gaps” with their help.

3. Long things like wires or leather belts are better not to fold, but to distribute along the suitcase wall – so they take up less space.

4. Layers of things should be distributed by weight – from the heaviest (shoes, and then jeans) to the lightest, place fragile or fragile on top.

5. By the way, we advise you to fill the spare space in your suitcase (for souvenirs, gifts from duty-free and hotel towels) – for example, with newspapers so that things do not move around the suitcase, risking damage.

And finally. Passports and tickets aren’t just forgotten in silly American comedies. Therefore, immediately put all the necessary documents in your carry-on baggage, and check everything carefully before leaving.

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