Ryanair news! You can now buy tickets for flights with connections

If earlier, when choosing several tickets from Ryanair, it was necessary to re-register baggage, and there was a risk of not catching the flight, now it will become a little easier to travel.

Good news from Ryanair: the Irish low-cost airline has launched the sale of tickets for flights with connections. This means that if you are flying from point A to point B, and there you transfer from point B to C, you can buy one Ryanair ticket to your destination.

How is it convenient for travelers?

  1. If you have a connecting flight and both Ryanair segments, then you will not need to pick up your baggage at an intermediate point and re-check it in for the next flight.
  2. If the first flight is late or canceled, the airline will take you to your final destination or solve the problem in another way (for example, compensate the cost of the ticket). That is, you do not have to be afraid that the flight will be late and you will miss your connection.

So far, you can only buy a single connecting ticket from Ryanair if you are connecting at Rome’s Fiumicino airport. We hope that in the near future the system will have unified tickets with transfers at other airports with which Ryanair works.

The minimum connection time within a single ticket is 150 minutes, the maximum is 6 hours.

The cost of a single ticket from Ryanair will be slightly more expensive than buying two separate ones on the same route: depending on the flights, the difference is € 8-15.

We remind you that in the fall of 2017 Ryanair will start flights from Ukraine – to the Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany and other countries.