Review of current prices for holidays in the Maldives. The cost of tours, hotels, air tickets, excursions. food prices in supermarkets. How much money to take with you.

A pipe dream, beautiful and inaccessible, is seen by most tourists to rest in the Maldives, the prices are really high. It seems that only the wealthy can afford a vacation to distant islands. The prevailing myth is debunked by Russian tourists who have decided to have a budget vacation on the paradise islands.

About local currency

The first thing a tourist needs to know before the trip is what banknotes to take. Official currency – rufiyaa, but American dollars are more valuable here than Maldivian money. In hotels, restaurants, excursion bureaus, you can safely pay in dollars.

The exchange rate against the ruble is: 4.28 rubles. for one rufiyaa. ATMs issue only local currency with a commission of $ 7-10 for any amount. But don’t rush to fill your pockets with cash. If you have extra rufiyaa, it will be problematic to exchange them for dollars before leaving. Read reviews and listen to wise advice.

After arrival, exchange $ 20-50. That’s enough to buy a ferry ticket and have a light meal. If necessary, change a small amount at a hotel, cafe or shop. Acceptable option – 15.42 Rf for 1 dollar. The most disadvantageous course at the airport.

You can pay with plastic cards Viza, MastrCard, American Express. However, cash in the Maldives is worth having on hand.

When to go?

The Maldives receives tourists all year round. High season is from November to April… The cost of the voucher at this time will cost at least 100 thousand rubles. For a budget vacation, it is better to go to low season – from May to October. Short-term rains are unlikely to scare thrifty tourists, but prices for tours and air tickets are falling along with demand.

Price jumps are observed on May holidays and in August. The cheapest trip will cost in June-July. At this time, last-minute tours are sold, even luxury resorts are becoming more affordable.

Tour cost

You can see how much the trip from tour operators costs on the chart below. It is more profitable to buy a ticket to the Maldives, which, together with the flight, includes accommodation, insurance, food.

Several factors affect the price of a tour – season or off-season, distance from the airport, hotel class, meals, room type.

A week tour from Moscow with accommodation in a 4 * hotel will cost:

  • in the low season – from 148 thousand rubles. for two;
  • in high season – from 220 thousand rubles;
  • breakfast only – 148,000 rubles;
  • breakfast + dinner – 152,000 rubles;
  • lunch + dinner – 160,000 rubles;
  • rest “all inclusive” – ​​188,000 rubles.

Tour operators rarely offer cheap options. In their opinion, wealthy clients fly to the Maldives, they can afford a ticket, the price of which exceeds 250 thousand rubles. It makes sense to sit down at the monitor and search the Internet for hot tours. The main thing is to clearly set the task, and the result will not be long in coming.

The price is indicated for a week of rest. You will need money for additional expenses. Even if you have everything inclusive, you have to pay for excursions, water activities, spa treatments, fruits. Independent recreation is cheaper. Luxury hotels are an exception.


ocean water villa maldives island sand from above

© josepons28 / / CC BY 2.0

How much is a ticket to the Maldives? Low-cost airlines don’t fly here. But you will enjoy the flight on board the most comfortable airliners from Qatar, Etihad or Emirates. Plane ticket price (round trip):

  • Direct flight of Aeroflot from Moscow – from 37,000 rubles;
  • From St. Petersburg – from 33,000 rubles;
  • Flight with connections in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Doha – from 30,000 rubles.

You can catch the economy option for 25,000 rubles. How much is the cheapest ticket, the calendar of low prices will tell you. You just have to adjust your trip to the date with the lowest price.

The flight from Moscow to Male lasts 9 hours, with a transfer – 12 hours.

To travel to the Maldives, it is enough to have a passport. You will not need a visa for up to 30 days.

Looking for a hotel

relax maldives hotel palms exotic tropical

© SuzyT / / CC BY 2.0

Vacation rentals are a major expense. How much does it cost to stay in the Maldives? First, decide on the place of settlement. Will it be an island resort and bungalow on the water, or would you prefer a modest house next to the locals. The price difference is huge. White sand and turquoise water remain the same for vacationers.

Useful advice

Save on accommodation by renting apartments from locals with Airbnb. Get RUB 2100 as a gift for the first booking.

The cheapest option is to rent a small guesthouse on a local island. You can spend the night in a tiny room with artificial light for $ 33 during peak season. Accommodation near the beach will cost $ 50 for two. At the same time, the inhabited islands bear little resemblance to the picture from advertising booklets. Bikinis and alcohol are prohibited in a Muslim country. You can undress in strictly designated places, and there are not so many of them. But guest houses significantly save the budget and therefore are in demand. The hotel will cost you 10 times more, especially if it is 5 stars. But comfort and service are provided to you.

Average prices for hotels in the Maldives:

  • standard room for two – from $ 200 per night;
  • villa – from $ 300;
  • bungalow – from $ 800.

There are no limits to luxury. The most popular hotels set prices at $ 1,500 per night. A chic underwater hotel that has just opened, offers rooms from $ 1950 per night.

Add tourist taxes here: service – 10%, VAT – 12%, environmental tax – another 6%, and all this is per person. And you also need to pay for the transfer, eat and somehow have fun.

How much money should I take with me? The law determined the minimum amount – $ 25 per day or $ 175 per week. But appetite comes with eating. You will probably want to try the local food, take a diving lesson and go on an excursion.


In a country located on islands, it is possible to move only by air or water. How much money do you need to travel from the airport? Expensive resorts usually organize a transfer for their guests in both directions. Independent tourists will have to adjust to the public transport schedule.

Travel cost per person:

  • by ferry or high-speed boat from the airport to the capital Male – $ 1-5;
  • ferry ticket to the nearest islands – $ 2-10;
  • a ticket for a speed boat, depending on the workload – $ 30-100;
  • flight to distant islands by seaplane – $ 250-700.

Taxis run only in the capital Male and in Hulhumale, the price of the trip is $ 1-2. On other islands, people travel by bike or on foot.


food crabs corn seafood lobster food lunch dinner

© Portokal / / CC BY 2.0

Food prices in the Maldives are obscenely high. It’s good if you live in a resort and eat in all inclusive restaurants. On a local island, it is not easy for a tourist to find an institution where you can eat inexpensively and deliciously. Vacationers on popular, inhabited islands find themselves in an advantageous position. The competition is fierce and the prices are lower. The cost of food in a cafe of an inexpensive hotel:

  • breakfast – from $ 5;
  • lunch – $ 10-15;
  • dinner – $ 7-10.

Don’t count on special delights in modest establishments. Gourmets living in 5 * hotels will be offered a more varied menu and a check for $ 150-250. An underwater restaurant will charge $ 250-300 for dinner with a bottle of wine for two.

Budget tourists buy groceries in stores:

How much does water cost? In hotels, drinking water is free, in the store – $ 1 for 1.5 liters. A separate topic is alcoholic beverages. In a Muslim country, alcohol is strictly prohibited. Tourists can buy beer or have a glass of wine in the hotel bar. It is better to abstain from alcohol in public places. Prices of drinks in hotels:

  • a can of beer – from $ 10;
  • a glass of wine – from $ 10 to $ 30;
  • a bottle of good wine – $ 30-50;
  • champagne – $ 75-150;
  • vodka, whiskey, gin – $ 100-150.

It is not recommended to transport alcohol illegally. At the customs, everything will be taken away, and even fined.


boat boat white sand house maldives hotel palm trees

© FonthipWard / / CC BY 2.0

When planning your trip budget, include entertainment in the Maldives, prices vary even at different resorts. For example, snorkeling equipment is given out somewhere free of charge, and in some places you will be asked to rent 10-20 $. Swimming with mantas will cost $ 100. Approximate prices:

  • diving – $ 60-80 per lesson from an instructor and subsequent dive;
  • rent of a mask with a snorkel and fins – from $ 10;
  • trip to the reef for scuba diving – up to $ 150;
  • fishing – $ 60 from a boat and $ 300 from a boat;
  • swimming with sharks – from $ 200.

Popular excursions to neighboring island resorts… You pay for travel ($ 100 per boat), entrance to the territory ($ 30) and meals of your choice ($ 70-90).

Popular entertainment – photoshoot on a desert islande. The photographer will charge you $ 200 per hour plus transfer to the desired island.

Note for newlyweds

If you are planning a honeymoon trip, and the budget allows, pay attention to the Maldives. The colorful wedding ceremony has become a local travel brand and includes a standard set of options, from room decoration and musical accompaniment to a romantic dinner and boat trip.

Wedding in the Maldives, price – from $ 620 to $ 2900 and above.


souvenir coconut tableware shell gift

© TuendeBede / / CC BY 2.0

A week of serene happiness is ending. The final stage of the trip is buying souvenirs. From the Maldives they bring:

  • wooden dishes;
  • products from coconut shells;
  • coral jewelry;
  • shark teeth necklaces;
  • coconut pillows;
  • hookahs;
  • Indian silk scarves.

A family of three spends an average of $ 200 on souvenirs. Thrifty tourists are limited to magnets.

As a result, a budget trip for two without a flight will cost at least $ 700. By adding 2-3 excursions, you will fork out $ 1000. Compared to resorts, it is inexpensive. There you will pay the same amount for 1-2 nights. In any case, you will enjoy the sea and beaches to your heart’s content and feel like a part of a beautiful planet.

Estimated travel budget

As usual in such articles, here is an approximate budget required for an independent vacation in the Maldives. The budgets are based on the experiences of other travelers and the style of travel. This is not the ultimate truth, but it will help you navigate.