Operation “Assimilation”: how to quickly adapt in a foreign country

Some people never leave their country, faced with fears of being rejected, misunderstood and abandoned as soon as they cross the border. Thus, they simply deprive themselves of any opportunity to taste dishes of exotic cuisines, to see with their own eyes places that they had previously only seen on tourist avenues, in the end – to get acquainted with the culture and the usual way of life of people living in other parts of the world. But history is written by the brave, why not challenge the unknown? Moreover, following some of the simplest recommendations, you can easily make any point you like on the map your comfort zone.


Lost in translation

In order to easily overcome the first difficulties that you may have immediately upon arrival. This is, of course, about the language barrier. We recommend getting ready while packing your bags.

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So, what magic artifacts will help numb your adaptation in a foreign land? So far, nothing original. Take a phrasebook, for example. The best option, of course, would be to learn the language at least at the necessary everyday level – this will immediately make you feel more confident, and the locals always approve of such linguistic solidarity (yes, despite your terrifying accent).

Sometimes a dozen or two common travel phrases in English can greatly facilitate the traveler’s share. Although, here also each individual case should be considered. English, although it is considered international, still today it will not be as useful in all countries as the national language.

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The second constant and irreplaceable companion of a self-respecting traveler who is ready, like a chameleon, to merge with a new geographic environment for himself, is, of course, the map.

Believe me, all the indigenous people who proudly tell you about 44 ways to get to the nearest supermarket, in fact, need this useful piece of paper no less than yours. But you have predominantly – it is not at all shameful for a guest to walk around the city, twirling a map of the area in his hands, but on the contrary.

The map will help you plan your routes in advance, and also avoid getting into trouble with the timing. Plus, it’s always easier to feel confident when you know where the path is going.

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Installation of “beacons”

Often this mysterious, but invariably depressing word “nostalgia” hangs like a black shadow over anyone who already seemed to be half a step away from the overseas “all inclusive”.

There are several great ways to deal with homesickness. One of them is the installation of imaginary “beacons” that will help the boat of your patriotism not get lost in the stormy waters of cosmopolitanism that corrupts the soul.

For example, a volume of Dostoevsky (or someone else “domestic”) may well claim to be a small corner of your suitcase. Also, you always have a playlist with your favorite music. What better soundtrack for watching exotic sights and conquering overseas peaks than songs with which you already have wonderful home memories? Photos of relatives will perform the same function, as well as maintaining regular contact with the home.


Team recruitment

Of course, one of the most obvious ways to protect yourself from loneliness in an unfamiliar country is to travel as a team. Having gathered a company of your most cheerful and close friends, you can easily perceive all the “trials abroad” as another exciting adventure.

But what if there is a need to go somewhere alone? Feel free to meet and make new friends abroad. In most cases, hostility towards newcomers is nothing more than a stupid stereotype.

In no case should you be afraid to put yourself in a bad light by asking about something that you do not understand, or asking about something that you do not know. By the way, such mutual assistance is a great way to break the ice, which means to expand the circle of acquaintances, and possibly make real friends.

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Mergers and acquisitions

And, of course, a test reception. You should simply accept and love the cultural traditions and environment in which you find yourself. All the information that you managed to collect about life in the country, take it as your strategic weapon.

You must understand that when you come to a new place, you should not resist the local rules of life. On the contrary, take for granted that you have come here (no matter for what period of time) to learn to live the way these people live.

Find out more about the rules of etiquette and behavior in this country, and try to keep yourself updated with local news – this will help not only keep your finger on the pulse of life, but also maintain small talk. This approach will save you from discomfort – now you have a clear, and most importantly quite achievable goal, to learn and adapt.

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