What has changed in 6 years, while the resorts of Egypt were closed to Russians. We have prepared a useful review of new and updated hotels in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh in 2022. So that you rested for 5+, and not accidentally chose some long outdated hotel.

Our selection includes inexpensive cool 4 and 5-star hotels, as well as luxury 5-star hotels in the Red Sea. Only new or after a recent renovation.

Why Choose a New Hotel

In Egypt, this is important. Old hotels here mean shabby and outdated furniture, broken plumbing and probably some ants in the rooms, as well as the depressing state of furnishings in the common areas of the hotel. You definitely do not need that.

What hotels do we recommend for a trip to Egypt:

  • Newly opened from 2019 to 2022 or with freshly renovated rooms.
  • With good tourist reviews.

And we also got the hang of it and took into account the impressions of the travel agents themselves about the new hotels – from promotional tours organized this year.

New hotels in Hurghada

🟢 Rixos Magawish 5*

🟢 Rixos Magawish 5*. The hotel in Hurghada, built from the ground up, will open in the spring of 2021.

For a luxurious holiday – huge rooms (suites and villas with butler and chef), round-the-clock care of each guest, incredibly large hotel area. There is entertainment for children and special meals.

Rich buffet, many restaurants (all complimentary), premium imported alcohol and cool room cosmetics.

The beach is sandy and gentle. Pools are heated during the winter. Water park is not.

🟢 Titanic Royal 5

🟢 Titanic Royal 5 stars, a new family hotel that opened in 2019.

The grounds are beautiful and photogenic, though compact. The rooms are spacious, some with direct access to the pool (so-called swim ups).

The sea and the beach are the main advantages for a holiday with children. And a small water park with slides. The beach in general is chic, no corals, and there is no need to wear aqua shoes.

The food for Egypt is excellent and varied, the presentation is beautiful, especially the desserts.

🟢 Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle 5*

🟢 Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle 5*, a premium boutique hotel for adults has been operating since late 2018. Entertainment programs, parties, shows, DJs, live music. Hotel with good quality food and imported alcohol. And close to the city with bars and clubs.

🟢 Steigenberger Ras Soma 5*

🟢 Steigenberger Ras Soma 5* in Soma Bay (about 50 km from Hurghada), open since 2020. High level of service and food as in all hotels of this chain. Stylish modern interiors with elements of luxury throughout.

The beach is sandy, there are activities for children, but overall a hotel for a relaxing quality vacation.

Solymar Soma Beach 4*

🟢 Solymar Soma Beach 4* – opened in 2020 (actually after a global renovation of the hotel with a different name).

The furniture in the rooms is fresh, the linen is perfect, excellent soundproofing. On the territory there is a small water park with children’s slides. The staff at the hotel were amazing the food is excellent. The food is excellent with lots of seafood and generally the choice of dishes is good, but the drinks are poor.

The place is windy, so you better come here in the hot season. You can do kite surfing. The sand on the beach is very fine, gentle and the entrance is gentle.

Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh – which is better to choose for a holiday in winter and summer. 👉 Details on the weather in Egypt by month and season

🟢 Gravity Sahl Hasheesh 5*

🟢 Gravity Sahl Hasheesh 5*. Hotel in Sahl Hasheesh area (about 30 km from Hurghada), opened in 2019. There are swimming pools (including heated), water park, sandy beach and pier just over 250m (pier, because quite noticeable tides and the shore is shallow). Animation is active during the day, but in the evenings it is too quiet.

The hotel is new and very clean, everything is well taken care of. The hotel is new and very clean, everything is well taken care of, but you should keep in mind that there is nothing but a small promenade and a square with fountains.

🟢 Iberotel Costa Mares 5*

🟢 Iberotel Costa Mares 5* in Marsa Alam opened in 2021. Come here for the reef, it is preserved here in its original form, you will definitely meet turtles, and most likely sea cows. There are heated adult and children’s pools, as well as the opportunity to visit the water park in Madinat Coraya.

🟢 Alaya Marsa Alam 5*

🟢 Alaya Marsa Alam 5* is a new 18+ hotel in Marsa Alam resort from 2019, beautiful reef. Naturally there are heated pools, restaurants, animation, activities and concerts.

Renovated Egyptian 4 and 5 star hotels in Hurghada

🟢 Meraki Resort 4*

🟢 Meraki Resort 4*. Updated in 2019. A popular party hotel this year, usually always in stock for upcoming dates. Beautiful instagram interiors, beach, fun and parties. Cool place for a youth vacation in Hurghada, accepts guests from 16 years old.

🟢 Dana Beach 5*

🟢 Dana Beach 5*. In 2020 the hotel has been renovated in the public areas and rooms of standard, superior, femilie categories. The hotel price category is in the budget category, quite popular. The beach is sandy, nice and gentle.

🟢 Hilton Hurghada Plaza 5*

🟢 The Hilton Hurghada Plaza 5* was almost completely remodeled in 2019. The hotel is for a relaxed, measured vacation. Most of the vacationers are Europeans. It can be windy, so it can be pretty chilly in low season. There is a heated pool, divided into a children’s, adult and bar area. We have animation and entertainment in the evenings.

🟢 Sunrise Aqua 4*

🟢 Sunrise Aqua 4* after renovation in 2019. Family friendly with a children’s club from Tui – Toucan (lots of activities and activities for kids). Heated pools for both kids and adults with a secluded chill out area. For its price category is a very good hotel – wins both the location, and excellent staff, food (seafood is there!), alcohol is local, but premium quality.

🟢 Albatros Palace 5*

🟢 Albatros Palace 5* in Hurghada with renovation of the whole area and rooms (standard) in 2020. Shallow lagoon and pier about 200m to deep. Heated pool, slides, there is an opportunity to visit the water park neighboring Albatros Beach.

🟢 Sunrise Romance 5*

🟢 Sunrise Romance 5* (Sahl Hasheesh) renovated in 2020, new building built. The hotel is an 18+ Adults Only hotel. According to reviews very praise the hotel for a cozy friendly atmosphere, food and service in general. An excellent choice for a relaxing holiday without children.

🟢 Albatros Citadel 5*

🟢 Albatros Citadel 5*. Partial renovation of the pools and rooms (Standard and Family) in 2019 and 2020. Beautiful hotel in Sahl Hasheesh with good animation, discos and its own reef. This year they have the coolest club in Hurghada, so for a holiday for two or with friends here for sure.

New hotels in Sharm el Sheikh

🟡 Albatros Palace 5*

🟡 Albatros Palace 5* (FUN&SUN FAMILY, in Ras Nasrani Bay) running since 2020, completely renovated, new buildings and fresh rooms. All the classics for a family vacation with kids: water park, suitable for swimming the beach and the fish even in shallow water swim to kids, children’s club Tukan. About adults thought too, there is a relaxation zone 18+ on the beach. And there is also a beautiful and interesting reef.

The hotel shares the grounds with the Albatros Palace Sharm El Sheikh 5* which is also undergoing a complete refurbishment in 2020. Here the pools and water park, warm in winter.

🟡 Tropitel Waves 5*

🟡 Tropitel Waves 5*, Naama Bay in Sharm El Sheikh, opening in 2019. This is the place to go for both family vacations and partying. There is a water park, year-round pools. Two small beaches, but it’s a walk to them, but plenty of shopping, as it’s a bay, no wind or waves.

Egypt’s updated 4 and 5 star hotels in Sharm el Sheikh

🟡 Otium Amphoras 4*

🟡 Otium Amphoras 4*. The hotel opened after renovation in November 2021. True, the hotel is on the second line, to the beach by shuttles (pools and beaches of neighboring Otium hotels are available).

🟡 Albatros Laguna Vista 5*

The Albatros Laguna Vista 5* (Nabq Bay) underwent a complete renovation in 2021. The sea is shallow near the shore (for children is fine), there is a pontoon, but even from it the depth is shallow. The water is shallow, but not too deep. To enjoy the reef and swim with the fish is not possible yet.

🟡 Royal Albatros Moderna 5

🟡 Royal Albatros Moderna 5* – updated rooms in 2020. The main plus of the hotel are the pools and the “children’s” sea. The pools are different – in depth, with slides, for kids (working until 5 pm, each has lifeguards). The hotel is located in Nabq Bay, so the minuses are the long pontoon, as well as frequent winds and a red flag on the beach before lunch.

🟡 Albatros Aqua Blu 4*

Albatros Aqua Blu 4* with room renovation in 2020. Huge grounds and 27 pools, slides to suit all tastes. Some pools are heated in winter (but the slides are not). The beach is on the grounds of the neighboring Beach Albatros.

🟡 Beach Albatros Sharm 4

🟡 Beach Albatros Sharm 4*, hotel updated in 2021. The hotel is on a cliff, the views are gorgeous, you can go down to the beach by elevator or stairs. Thanks to the bay there are no winds, which is a particular plus in winter.

🟡 Sunrise Diamond 5

🟡 Sunrise Diamond 5*. Updated infrastructure, including a children’s water park. Sandy beach, by the shore is shallow – for children, depth from the pontoon, there is a reef. The pools are heated in low season – there is a huge, panoramic, family with a children’s area and a pool for adults only. Water park with slides, children’s play area and mini club.

🟡 Nubian Village 5*

🟡 Nubian Village 5* (Nabq Bay). The hotel is old, but in 2019-2021 there was a major renovation in the main building, refreshed the interior, restaurants, pools. Very praise the food in this hotel! Sandy beach (but there are stones, you need shoes), there are lagoons for children, there is a reef (entrance from the pontoon). Pools for adults and children, heated water park.

🟡 Iberotel Palace 5*

🟡 Iberotel Palace 5* (Sharm el Maya Bay). Since October it works as an adults only hotel. Gradual renovation is underway. Very good location in a windless bay. The beach is sandy, you can take a boat to the coral (free). A small and cozy hotel with a beautiful well-maintained area and a view of the mosque. Recent reviews all with the highest rating.